How can I stop thinking about losing weight?

Okay im on a diet, i dont have a problem and im not hungry my problem is that i constantly think about not eating, like im always thinking about the diet and how thin i want to be

Answer #1

Go to a candy store.

Answer #2

If i did id probably cry

Answer #3

mmmm chocolate:)

Answer #4

U dont look lyk u need to loose weight .-.

Answer #5

Every day tell yourself five things you like about yourself. It will take your mind off your body image and more onto youre best features. That will also help you try to see yourself through other’s eyes! Plus Stef, you’re not fat!

Answer #6

You gon’t look the least overweight. You are very young, please be careful with these thoughts and don’t end up with an eating disorder.

Answer #7

iv already suffered with one. I not over weight but i desire to be thinner.

Answer #8

Eat a cheeseburger, look in the mirror and say ‘Damn, im beautiful.’ ‘cause you are beautiful, and do not need to lose weight at all. If anything you need to gain some.

Answer #9

Haha if i ate cheese burger i wouldnt look myself in the mirror i would sit in a corner, cry a lil and not eat for about 3 days until im about to faint so id eat a bread stick. I dont feel beautiful iin the slightest and haha i dont need to gain weight at all

Answer #10

Stefie, let me tell you something. You are absolutely f*cking breath takingly stunning and gorgeous in every way. The way your hair is styled and your make up and overall style makes you look exotic and mysterious and beautiful, and you have a frickin adorable nose. You do not need to lose weight. No one needs to lose weight, unless it is due to health problems. Being thinner won’t do anything except…well, you’ll just be thinner. You won’t love yourself more, because to love yourself you can’t just love when you’re skinny, you have to love yourself ALL the time, no matter what. You don’t need to be on a diet. You are absolutely lovely and you don’t need to be thinking about things like that. Recently I’ve gained 25 pounds and it’s really made me think about weight and fat and society’s idea of ‘beautiful’. So just think about this- would you still feel the need to lose weight, if you hadn’t been conditioned by society to believe that thinness = beauty?

Seriously though. You’re gorgeous, hun. Now go eat some chocolate.

Answer #11

Stefie ur perfect. If u were skinnier u woukd be TO skinny. Please be careful. I no u had an eating disorder b4… maybe u r startiing to go back to that way. U dont need to lose weight. Ur beautiful. Im concerned about u wantin to lose weight so bad. Especially since u dont need to at all. If u were over weight i wouldnt be concerned and i wouldnt say these things just to be nice. Try remembering that u have a condition and what u see in the mirror is gorgeous and that u r being to hard on urself. Plz be healthy. If u need help with anything im here

Answer #12

If she was overweight, you wouldn’t be concerned about her wanting to starve herself?

Answer #13

Hahaha.. “Now go eat some chocolate” This was beautiful connor :D

Answer #14

A brilliant answer, Connor, as breathtakingly beautiful as Stefie herself!

Answer #15

Stefie, you know how you’re always commenting on the self-pics that lots of girls post here, to tell them how gorgeous they are? Think for a moment about why you to do that - not only why you see them that way (which is often simply because they are), but also what motivates you to tell them. I’m not asking you to tell me your answer, just to hold it in mind.

Now here’s what I am asking you to do: Look at your own self-pics here, and think about the girl who posted them as if she were someone other than you. Think what you would want to say to her in your most honest and caring comments on her pics. Now turn away from the pics and just sit quietly for a few minutes with that girl, that Stefie who you know (as your question shows) is worried unnecessarily about whether she is “thin enough.” Have some conversation with her. Be her friend. Listen to what she has to say to you, and to your heart’s response to her.

That’s the way - or at least a way - you can stop thinking about losing weight: By recognizing that the scared girl who doesn’t know how beautiful she is is not who you are. She’s just a part of you that’s hurting, and you can care for her, just like you would care for a hurt finger. Every time she pops up in your mind, greet her like a friend, find out how she’s doing and what’s on her mind. You don’t have to banish her, and she doesn’t have to be in charge of you.

Answer #16

Agree!!!! Please please please please please don’t ever ever ever ever change yourself stefie please!!!!

Answer #17

yes i would. I was refering to her mentality rather. Thinkin ur fat when ur not is a disorder

Answer #18

i honestly couldnt find two things i like about myself

Answer #19

I do.

Answer #20

I don’t know you like at all but I can tell you, that you do not need to loose weight. I’m trying to get some help because I have anorxia it’s not fun at all and it has really hurt me. My mom is helping me with it and so are others, right now I think you need family support.

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