How do I stop freaking out over every pound (lbs) I gain?

A few years ago I sufferend from anorexia, since then, I’ve been going through cycles of starving myself and then attempting to gain weight, then feeling horrid and starving again. Recently, I’ve been trying hard to gain weight, and am sort of close to 100lbs now. However, every pound I put on, I freak out. Just two days ago I nearly had a break down because my boyfriend wanted t go swimming and I put on my bikini. He’s been so patient with me assuring me I look great with the weight I put on and I really want to stop relying on him on this but at the same time, everytime I gain a pound I break down. How do I stop this?

Answer #1

Hi Janicee, Your boyfriend is absolutely right. You do look great. You are beautiful. :-)

I think that you have this meme in your head that says “all weight gain is bad and makes me ugly” and you have to get away from this thinking. You know, of course, by logic that this meme is wrong. So maybe something where you can get a feeling of success from gaining body mass is right for you. Maybe you could do some sports that will make you gain muscle mass? Then, whenever you gain a pound maybe you’ll be able to to stop freaking and can tell yourself that you just have grown muscles which is good.

But I don’t know. (It’s just a layman idea by rotten me.) I don’t know whether that is really healthy for you or whether this would overburden your body especially as you have gone through tough times…. If you are in contact with a doctor or a therapist, maybe you should ask him about this idea first.

Take good care of yourself. See you around :)

Answer #2

Thank you :) I guess I should go back to the doctor/ therapist. I just dislike mine very much, so I’ve been avoiding her lol. Time for a new one I guess.

Answer #3

Yeah. Do that. :-)

Answer #4

I’ve been in your shoes and know how insecure you must be feeling, the way I got through it was through continuous counseling from an educated adviser and learning about my body and what a healthy weight is for me. You’re blessed to have a boyfriend who’s got your back - surround yourself with more people like that! You also need to see the bigger picture, think of those who suffer from starvation and don’t have the luxury to buy and prepare foods, you’re blessed to be able to eat! I put it through my mind and made it stick that if I was worried about my weight, I’d lose it in a healthy way - through a balance diet and an active life style.

Feeling good about your body is the most important factor behind feeling good about yourself!! If you feel good about your body, you will look good and also feel good about your mind, as well as feel good about your personality, from there you’ll have a change of heart on your appearance and truly know that “beauty goes skin deep”

Answer #5

Thank you :) yes I am blessed. I just have no idea where to begin about feeling good about my body, I’ve been trying but nothing seems to really work.

Answer #6

Thank you :) yes I am blessed. I just have no idea where to begin about feeling good about my body, I’ve been trying but nothing seems to really work.

Answer #7

Janicee you poor thing! I don’t think I can give you much advice here because I’ve never had an eating disorder as serious as anorexia, but I can tell you 100% honestly that you are beautiful, I would love love love to have your body. I know for me, exercise helps lower my stress levels and helps me keep level headed so maybe that could work for you, if you don’t already exercise I find running to be quite cathartic.

Under 100 pounds is nowhere near ‘fat’ (for want of a better word…) anyway. In fact it’s below the average weight of girls/women our age. So don’t feel bloated or ‘horrid’ as you said when you put on weight, because it’s actually healthier to be around the 100-110 pound mark than the 90-100 pound mark. You need to look after your body, you can put on healthy weight and be stronger without it being soft weight. Eating the right vegetables and fruits and doing strengthening exercises will ensure you get ‘harder’ growth, as opposed to soft skin.. k’now what I mean?


- Is there a reason you struggle with your weight? Is it that you really do see yourself as bigger than you are, or are you just finding that you feel better when you are controlling your body’s food intake? Many girls who suffer from anorexia find that it’s the fact that they are controlling this important thing (food intake) when they feel like they are ‘out of control’ with everything else in their life. Was there a big event like a death in the family, parents divorce, moving cities etc when you first realized you had a problem? Big lifestyle changes can affect things like eating disorders too. Even though now, the event doesn’t bother you, the effects of the event (namely the eating disorder) are still apparent in your life and are now their own entity (not linked to the event anymore). You don’t have to answer any of these questions to me, but ask them to yourself. If you find that it’s more of a control/stress thing, then you may want to see a counsellor that you feel comfortable with, or even talk to somebody who has been through what you have. Remember you have people who love you in your life, a boyfriend who sounds like the perfect guy! And a whole group of people on FunAdvice who love you and are here for you. x

Answer #8

Lots of things to think about haha. Thanks Renee, and that was a very sincere Thank you.

Answer #9

It can’t be easy from goin through anorexia, it’s a very hard thing to Overcome. I haven’t seen people or know of any personally that have suffered from it but from documentarys I have learnt quite alot. Have you ever tryed or thought about talking to someone profeshinal? Maybe they could help. My friend freaks out when she gains a tiny bit of weight but it’s Cus she’s managed to convince herself that she’s too big. I think that the best thing to do is to talk to someone as it’d be confidential and you’d get a professional answer for what your asking. Sorry if I’m just repeating what you have already tryed and herd. Good luck

Answer #10

First of all, I’m 14 and I weigh 108 pounds…if you weigh less than me your not fat, you’re underweight! I’m a vegetarian (and anemic, though I’m not sure if the iron pills do anything for weight) so I can’t give good advice in the food department, but if you work out you will feel better, both logically and psychologically. Then again, this is what I do…it might not work for everyone, but, it might!

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