How can I stop being afraid of sleep?

Ughh.. it’s almost 2:30am right now and I can’t sleep. I’m kind of tired, but I’m afraid to go to sleep. I’ve been having nightmares and I always wake up in a bad mood and have a bad day because of it. I’m not doing anything odd, so I don’t know what’s causing them. It’s been those dreams where you have a nightmare, ‘’wake up’’ and think ‘’oh, thank goodness, it was just a dream’’ and RAHH it’s there! and then you wake up for real. It’s disturbing! I’m almost to the point where I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m really awake.. Anyway, what’s going on with me? :(

Answer #1

I’m not going to joke about this cause it once happened to me, I literally had to walk around my house to make sure I was awake and in my own home. You may need to see a psychologist I believe it is. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Answer #2

Unless I would need medicine, I’d have to see a psychologist… bleh.. I don’t do that though… I’ll have to wait til it passes lol =/

Answer #3

Wait until what passes?

Answer #4

This… nightmare phase

Answer #5

I have an idea that COULD help. When I kept watching nothing but horror movies, it gave me a week of nightmares so I went online and found some of the funniest comedies and watched SOME of them. Try watching some comedy movies, once you’re laughing your a** off, you will just forget about those ugly nightmares.

Answer #6

Have you changed anything in your diet or lifestyle recently? Watched any scary movies etc? Eating nuts and fruit before bed can give you nightmares as your body is digesting them (they are hard to digest) and somehow it changes your train of thought or something >.< You could try going to bed at a different time (earlier). And not watching TV before bed. Drink plenty of water. Go to the bathroom right before you go to bed. If you have heaps of pillows on your bed, try reducing them to 1 or 2. Do you have a cat or dog that sleeps with you? If so, try and make them sleep somewhere else. -Just a few tips that could help with the nightmares.

Answer #7

Wow, I recently became obsessed with grapes and I have been eating them at night (I ran out a couple of days ago) but that could be it lol

Answer #8

It might be haha. If the nightmares keep going for like another 2 weeks, I’d see a doctor about it.

Answer #9

therapist* actually.

Answer #10

Afraid of nightmares? i can totally understand,why you are afraid of it,it can be really upsetting when you wake up and think about it and all. When we sleep,our brain is still active and we can’t stop it,but at least we can try making it better so that we don’t get nightmare. Before you go to bed,don’t watch anything scary because it can make it worse and then i will suggest to take few long breathe before you go to bed. Also some kind of stress can change this into nightmares,so be cheerful throughout the day and don’t take stress/tension. For better results,use a night light and your favorite blanket and keep your door opened ;) Take a nice batha nd be relaxed.. if you still have the same problem..then you may need to see the psychologist . All i can say is sweet dreams!

Answer #11

I understand why you are afraid of sleeping nightmares can be very frightening, very real…especially if you dont really understand why you are having them or what they mean.

If you suffer from reoccurring nightmares they may just be a reason for it.

Our minds work consciously & unconsciously…in the day it works consciously where as at night when trying to sleep, it works unconsciously.(wont really get into all that stuff!) if you are stressed out, having problems, battling with some sort of decision or anything else that might affecting you like parents issues or other family issues with siblings or even your significant other…usually the unconscious mind will play out some sort of illusion in this case a nightmare…facts are being played out in certain forms shapes & ways…like rooms & doors have other meanings to them…scary images can be more of a fear rather then an actual character. That monster can just be your inner self…trying to stop a conflict that you have been having with yourself!

A familiar face or not may represent someone you know or may meet or are afraid of not necessarily as you know them but their role in which they play in the nightmare…like for instance an old woman…a young woman or a middle age woman can pin point the time it is happening or going to happen…like a warning…you see…in order for you to really know what or why you must speak to someone about dream interpretation… I am so fascinated by it…i used to suffer from so many dreams, nightmares & so on til i finally took interest into what they mean…looked it up got books & really have a better understanding!

lack of knowledge is something to fear yet when you have the facts, they are not as scary! i would love nothing more then to help you further if you wish… just funmail me & i will try to help you as best as i can to my knowledge…and the rest we can either figure out together but you have to really type out the dream as you remember it word for word! What may seem meaningless to you might be a piece of a puzzle in interpreting dreams…nightmares…absolutely fascinating indeed! perhaps after wards you can rest better knowing what it meant!

hope that helped…hugs♥

Answer #12

let the tv watch u…knw what i mean?? basically cut on the tv, and instead of u watching the tv eventually it will be watching u(figurative speech not literally eyeballs from the tv ok) and leave it on and maybe get somebody to just cut it off when u fall asleep

Answer #13

Nightmares are things that are on your mind… have you tried before going to bed doing some kind of thing to just relax your mind and get you sleepy and all that? I always had those when i went to my new home, what works for me is that every night i get my i-pod and i listen to it for as many time as i want till my ayes start to close and then i turn it off and right after that i go to sleep, Meaby try watching tv or meaby reading a book, something that just takes your mind away from all the things that have happened during the day or that have happened before and gets you into that mood that makes you relaxed and ready to go to sleep.

Answer #14

Also, take vitamin B1 at each meal. B1 stops nightmares from occurring. But you need to take a B Complex as well, and vitamin C. Consult your vitamin store for the correct dosages. Cut out the sodas with caffeine, and especially diet sodas. They are addictive and may cause the nightmares also.

Answer #15

that has been happening to me latley too. but only its not really that i ever have the nightmares. before i go to bed this feeling just always pops into my mind that there is someone in my house. and theat they want to kill me….. but this only happens sometimes. like i shar a room with my sister when she is gone it happens. or if i go to bed way late like after my parents and my sisters. i dont like the feeling of me going to sleep without anyone awake to protect me. does that sound childish??

Answer #16

What I do is I try to think of happy things (not nessesarily unicorns and rainbows), like things I did with my friends.. Or, you could try reading a book and having a glass of warm milk instead of watching TV and eating potato chips. That’s what helps me.

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