Do you think that some states have poor education?

Like City Public Schools, County Public Schools, or Private. Give me your opinion.

Answer #1

This is purely my own opinion based on the very limited knowledge I have of the American education system. I’m not American and I’ve never been there so… The overriding impression I get about education in America (countrywide, all states) is that it’s all reserved for the rich and wealthy upper classes. Most public schools suffer from having limited funds and this translates into poor students - this is not a judgment on how smart these students are but an indictment on how flawed the system is. Private schools seem to be much better though but IINM they’re mostly reserved for the rich by virtue of the sheer cost of enrolling there. Universities/colleges there’s no doubt America is one of the best, probably the world leader in tertiary education in fact, but again Ivy League quality education seems to be an almost exclusive domain for the wealthy. For the poor and middle classes, education in America, frankly, sucks. Imo. So, yeah, ALL states have poor education, unless you’re talking about the schools that usually only wealthy elites can afford to go to. I remember feeling quite touched by Obama’s promise to upgrade education in America back in 2008 but nothing seems to have been done - correct me if Im wrong about this Im not too sure. You wanted an OPINION, you got it ;) I do not claim any of this as fact.

Answer #2

Thanks for your opinion

Answer #3

I think every state has poor education………

Answer #4

I disagree, but as you said, this is your opinion. Most likely, i find your statement wrong, because i myself go to a public school head by Lucy Bekham, Principal of the year. In other worlds, Wando pretty much rox your sox. Also we have a private school near my house that is downright terrible. The highschool kids there still read on elementary levels and most of them never get into college unless its maybe trident tech(a totall sucky excuse for a college). So, in my opinion, here in america our public school system is often equal or better than the private schools. Wich means our gov. is doing something right for once:/

Answer #5

I consider all schools to be good. It’s the students effort that are making the schools “bad” Private schools do have a little bit more control and all, but I asure you that if there is a student in a public school who had awesome grades compared to one that is going to a private with some kind of lower grades, the public school kid will get farther. It’s not the type of education, it’s the students efforts. For states having poor education, I don’t really know. I would imagine that it be almost the same in all states, there’s the “good” and the “bad” schools everywhere.

Answer #6

How is this a matter of opinion? There are actually ways to check for this. Percent of people who complete high school, testing scores, percent of people who go to college and then grad school. This is not a matter of opinion. There’s research on this, and obviously there are some states with lousy education and some states with better education.

Answer #7

From experience in my own country this is definitely not the case. There are many hardworking and smart kids who fail to fulfill their potential because they get crap teachers and poor school facilities (among other things)

Answer #8

I’m not sure if your reply was directed at me - but yes, it’s a matter of opinion - or more accurately, it’s a matter of perspective, and this is the perspective I get as someone who’s not from the country and only gets his knowledge of the American education system from the Internet.

Answer #9

I was replying to the person who asked the question. As for your answer, I agree with most of it. Nevertheless, the richer states (funnily enough these are mostly the blue states) do actually have pretty good schools that are parallel to the private schools. To compare the public schools in the rich states to the poor states is not quite fair.

Answer #10

I truly believe that in today’s world education is an issue. It is not primairly the states fault because the government plays the biggest role. States have to follow what the government wants. However, we elect our governs and senators for each state to make chocies that are best for every individual in the state. The American education system has fallen apart because of the material that is now required in each grade. Kindergarden is now what use to be the end of first grade. So many children are falling behind in education because the material is not within reach of the knowledge they already have. When you take a child that can’t grasp multiplying and then add division you get a child that never develops past adding. It is one thing to add to education if the child already knows the information but to add education to information you already don’t get then you stay behind. If you already have the knowledge in a subject and you don’t reach a little higher in that subject then you never increase beyond the knowledge you already contain causing lack of intrest and future failur.

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