I'm emergrating to states..where should I live?

I will be finishing my nursing course, in probably no time. I know it takes a while to get moving abroad sorted, let alone to states where they have v strict exams prior to entry.

but the thing is, I don’t know where to live in the states??

I like a busy working environment, but I also like to establish relationships with my patients, ummm, I want a big house like I have now, and a climate where I can have a pool…but it not be a stupid cost…

I need a good safe environent with good schooling for a 13 and 7 year old…

smaller town appeal because of one reason, and busier ones because of the work variety. cost of living has to be reasonable and I want somewhere with a great accent! I love the american accents…except the ones that sound like ‘deputy dog’ not sure where that is though???

and does anyone know the going rate for a british nurse? salary per annum kind of thing? oh, and what are the hours like there? what holidays do you get? also, do you get medical cover in healthcare setting?

please help - wheres good to live, bad to live and why?


Answer #1

France its the best. I just got back from it and I tell you it is amazing of course I got to live their with a family. So I kbow whatit is like. You might whant to know a french . The schools are good. If you deside to move there try looking up tyhing like how in their houses they always were slippers stuff like that and they eat bread with evry meal so get used to it. A good city to live in is Passc its 2 hours and 15 min away from the Atlantic ocean. Its great and so buti-fal!!! I wished I could have lived there for the rest of my life. the plan ride from USA to France was like 15 hours but it goes by fast . ( if you sleep and have stuff to eat ) You need to take at least 2 plans I took 2 to get there but on the way home I took 3 plans.If you have any quitions about it you can funmail me evan if I dont know how to! so I really really recomand theat you move to France! Oh yeh Passac is by Bordeax ,Passac is a small littel city. Ok bye!

Answer #2

Denver Colorado– the Mile High City.

One of the highest quality of living in the United States, excellent transportation, schools, health care, and a park system unmatched.

The mountains and snow skiing are within just a few hours, and there is some fantastic nightlife in Denver. There are some really nice suburbs on the outskirts of town if you wish for a quieter pace and small town living.

My sister is a 1st year neo-natal nurse in Tampa, Florida. And she tells me that starting pay for her job is about $22 dollars an hour. She works 12 hour shifts, usually 4 days a week. She has good benefits, healthcare insurance, and the lot. Excellent benefits.

For holidays, it all depends on your seniority and the shift that you work– day or night. Federal and official holidays in the USA are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Of course, as a nurse you’ll get paid holidays and time off. My sister says as a 1st year nurse, she will not receive any paid time holday until her first year is complete. After that she will get 1 week. Three years she’ll get 2 weeks off, and 7 years she’ll get 3 weeks. But she also told me that regardless, you will get personal days for illness/sick starting your first day on the job.

I hope this helps you.

P.S.— Welcome to the United States. We welcome you.

Answer #3

Definitely the east coast. I live in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. Lots of hospitals in which to work with pretty good salaries, I must say. You get to experience the change of seasons and there are a lot of lovely communities. We are also close to the Jersey shore, New York, Washington DC. To answer a few of your questions: the salaries are usually based on your years of experience, but that can quickly increase with yearly reviews/raises. Shifts can vary: where I work we have 4, 8 and 12 hour shifts and we rotate holidays. We have health benefits, but you do have to pay into them (not much, though). Feel free to send me an email if you have any more questions. I would love to help.

Answer #4

dont move to the usa because pot isnt legal =)

Answer #5

I wouldnt live in a big place like new york city or anywhere, its dangerous for kids and it is really crowded, so you probably couldnt have a pool. I agree with emmaliearcade, Pennsylvania is a great place to live. you can have a pool and it is a pretty populated state, so you can have a busy working enviorment, plus your kids can have snow still and there are some fun accents around her. : ) Pittsburgh is probably better than the philidelphia side, because they are known for their crime and, having kids, you dont want to be around that. winters are cold but not feezing, summers are warm, the leaves change in autumn, and spring brings lots of pretty flowers and sights. there are good public and private schools around here also. good luck!

Answer #6

I would say live on the east coast. like in maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey, virginia. they’re all good. the weathers nice cause its not too hot in the summer and its not to cold in the winter.

Answer #7

MIAMI!!! lol well that might be a little 2 excessive.. but like somewhere in south or central Florida. great weather, and coral reef highschool in Miami is a great school. and f.c. martin is a great school 4 the 7 year old. f,c leads 2 ammons middle whichleads 2 coral reef. that’s if your children are good students. ;) goodluck!!!

Answer #8

urgghhh I hate british weather! no, I want waaarm to hot hot hot weather - cossies and pool for the kids…plus, I just feel better with the sun :)

Answer #9

I personaly would suggest you try living in Maryland. It is semi-warm, but not to hot. It is also close to D.C, but does have a suburban feel. Much luck :]

Answer #10

I would look seriously at Florida - great weather - cities that suit your size - opportunities in medicine…I wish you the best and Welcome to America - glad to have you !!

Answer #11

no, I really want to live in states. I live in britain, so been to france about a million wimes (ok, not a million, but six, same difference!) and I’m not keen at al on france - in fact, there isn’t one bone in my body that desires to live there!

A) they speak frenc, and I don’t

and B) horrible memories of school trips come flooding back lol! I’m please you enjoyed it though, I think france, like many countries, where you love it or hate it…like marmite lol!

thanks for replying though, but I know I want to go to states (maybe canada???) definately no where else though… (aussies got too many spiders and snakes arrggg)


Answer #12

Pennsylvania has pretty good nursing schools, and things like that, we get all 4 seasons here.. spring, summer, winter, and fall. Our summers can get up to the 100’s, and winters can get down to -5ish. It is also pretty cheap to live here, with some beautiful houses. Pittsburgh would probably be the best place for you in Pennsylvania… or if you dont want to be right in a big city, there are a bunch of little towns all around Pittsburgh.. plus, its amazing here :] I am a bit biased though.

Answer #13

well, it really depends on your tastes. I live in california. cost of living is high, but so is the pay. there’s still lots of places with a small town feel, yet there’s millions of people here, so lots of business. the weather’s great. -east coast weather is very humid. if you’re used to that, than go for it, but if you’re not, you’ll wish you were dead, it’ll be so hot (or cold, depending on the season.) I think oregon weather is similar to britain. and it has small towns, with big towns nearby. you might try there…

Answer #14

port land oregon is perfect

Answer #15

u can try like in big citys like South Carolina and Georiga

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