White spots on my vagina

I have three white spots on my vagina and havent told any one they have been there for atleast a year and havent given me any bother just I always worry that they are doing damage to me just I dont and what to do please help

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Your questions sound very similar to the following Q&A from a medical website. I have enclosed both question and answer. Hope this puts your mind to rest.


I've got some little white spots around my vagina. They are not itchy or anything but I really want them to go way.

What are they and can I get some thing for this?


These little spots have probably been there for quite a while, and you have only just noticed them. If they are not itchy, and are constant, and are small smooth rounded swellings just under the skin, then these are probably retention cysts or sebaceous cysts. They are not due to any disease process. They are quite common and do not do any harm.

Getting rid of them is not easy, they will not go with just putting on a cream. They sometimes disappear on their own, but if they are persistent or get troublesome, then they need to be removed under a local anaesthetic.

I would encourage you at the moment to try and forget about them if you can, and just wait and see what happens.

If they bother you or change in any way, or you want something done about them, then you will need to go and see your doctor.

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I have it too and I've had it for a while, I also have a red spot one that is very soar when touched but the white one isn't soar, just annoyin that its there

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

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I have them to but my ones are like we'll soar and itchy should i get cream or...... I don't know what to do they have been there for about a week and they are well annoying me

Why is there white flakey stuff coming from my vagina?

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