Why do people make fun of special education kids?

Why do people making fun of special education kids?

Answer #1

Other people bth young and old tend to make fun o0f “special needs” children because they think they are better than them. That they have more of an advantage when it is most definitely the other way round. I am hearing impaired and when I was in main school education I had a lot of learning support teachers. They took notes and talked me through anything that I may have missed. It is no different with people who have dyslexia or even down syndrom. Although “normal” people do get more out of life they do not stop to think about others… they take the mick about “spas” etc - everyone does it but only a mature mind will overcome it therefore this imposes that anyone who makes fun of them are small minded… they do not have the attention that “special needs” children do and they crave that; not from adults but from fellow peers to look cool because you are discriminating that unfortunate person.

It is wrong indeed but these disabled people, myself included are stronger than they are and always always always have many people to support us from behind so if we fall, we are picked right back up again.

Answer #2

the special ed kids at my school are always friendly and so if ppl hear someone making fun of one of them they’ll like get their butt kicked, esp. the upper classmen dont put up with stupid juvenile bullying.

Answer #3

i think that if they are close to someone with special needs they would know that its really hurting, and they wouldn’t do it, but cause they don’t understand so they don’t care,i should agree with flossheal in saying that they are less confident about themselves, so they do that to prove that they are more clever,after all people with special needs really understand whats going on, they are clever but in different levels, very kind and so sensitive.

Answer #4

Man, people in my school even imitate the mentally challenged. It makes me so mad. They do it right in front of them too. And yes these are kids that are even sophomores. Im a Junior myself, but back when I was a 8th grader I still didnt make fun of them, I felt sorry for them. My teacher, yes my teacher even laughed with the people in my class at the mentally challenged kids. I wanted to slap them. Lol. But I didnt say anything, but I should of.

Well to answer your question, I think people just simply dont understand. They dont care. They dont think. (or if they do they’re supid)

Answer #5

well…a lot of people do it because they think its funny but its not…I dont because I no itz not the kidz fault and I actually think they do it to be considered cool in front of their friends…they also do it because they no the children wont fight back because they think they dont understand what their saying…however I think they no if they aree being made fun of…just no that not every one makes fun of them…my aunt is a teacher who works w/ them and im proud of her…I hope I sort-a answered your question!

Answer #6

I think that ppl make fun of spaecial needs children b/c they may think that they are being cool. When I was in 7th and 8th grade I was able to be a teachers assistant to the special needs students and b4 that I never really made fun of them but I didn’t even really pay attention to them. But after working with them now I can say hello or mybe smile at them or just anything nice b/c they can be really sweet ppl. Their just like everyone else only diferent.

Answer #7

Everyone above is making a lot of sense. I worked with Special Needs learners for a long time. In my opinion, well-educated kids with interesting lives don’t make fun of them. The ones who do the bullying are not so clever themselves, are less confident about their own lives, and are trying to make themselves feel better by picking on someone who is different.

Answer #8

hi im in special eduacation… I feel like everyone kinda looks at me differently. My friend Walter iz in special ed

Answer #9

The same reason people make fun of ANYTHING (race, sex, looks, etc.)

Answer #10

I feel it’s because people like to make fun of things that they don’t understand. It’s societies fault for thinking that keeping a special needs child out of regular schools protects them. In reality, they need to be in normal schools from the day they start kindergarden. If children grew up around someone with special needs, they would understand them a little better. They would see that there’s hardly a difference between them and the mentally challenged. I’ve been around special needs children since I was born, being that I have a cousin who is special needs. I feel like she’s someone my own age even though she’s a few years older than me. People with special needs are more enjoyable to be around because they love life and NEVER complain about the cards they were dealt. In their eyes, we’re the ones with the problems!

People need to understand that someone with special needs shouldn’t be treated as if they understand nothing. Because they do understand. They know when they’re being made fun of, and they have feelings that can get hurt just like anyone else.

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