Good comebacks when people make fun of me?

people are making fun of me for being over weight at school and I don't know how to deal with them because I dont really have very good comebacks so could somebody please give me some good comebacks that will make them shut up?

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Hi.I think they have these summer camp that deal with weight lose.Maybe you can find one and attend during your summer"ll be hot stuff by the new school year!!But do it for yourself and your health mainly and a little part to piss off these people at school.Good luck

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dont say anything just ignore them they want to see you react they will only tease you more but dont take them to a teacher because them you will get called a grass and get bullied even more trust me I speak from experience

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Can't fight fire with fire.

Don't let them see you mad or flustered when they say mean things because really it only makes them look bad.

Be yourself and don't worry about the people around you because they shouldn't matter.

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Ok so I'm not advocating picking a fight, but you gotta do what you gotta do...
Try these sites

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hello beautiful234, I can totally understand how you feel. really. I know how horrible it is when people laugh at you when you don't deserve it. but that's the world, the cruel world. I'll tell you what I did. you see, I was ugly. no guy looked twice at me and people laughed at me until my self esteem was zilch. For comebacks, they don't work much unless they're really good. I suggest the best revenge. BECOME BEAUTIFUL. Not that you're not, I'm not saying that. What I mean is like improve yourself. Improve so that they have nothing to say! I guarantee the satisfaction you get when you see the look on their faces and the confidence you build up will be very very satisfying. I went through all that. All the best, take care!

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a good fist to the mouth will make them shut up

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this most likely isnt what you want to hear but...throwing a comeback is just going to make them bring on more you need to fight with authority such as teachers or your principal you should also tell your parents because theyll be able to get in touch with the school

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okay, fighting back doesn't do much. Ignoring them doesn't do much... just tell somebody that they're bothering you. Eventually they'll learn that they're being immature and they'll back off.

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you are fat so why worry about it. I mean I would make fun of you if I knew u . luckily I dont. so you want to know a good comebac? heres 1: atleast I can eat 4 twinkies at 1 time.

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I agree that being drawn further into this scenario is prob not the best approach in the long run, BUT for those times when you reach your level of frustration or anger I would say something like...

Do you have nothing better to do than make comments about how I look? Get a life!
Isn't it exhausting being mean?

Then move on as if you didn't hear any follow-up they may spit back. However. really what you should be focusing on is perhaps talking to your parents or your school counselor to help you get at a healthier weight. Then you can feel comfortable about yourself :) Good luck!

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You Should Say
"Oh Im Fat I Never Relised?"
"Thank You For Noticing Me"
Or When Walking By Them Scream And Say "Oh sorry Im Im Scared Of Cows"
Or Pretend To Sneeze And Say "Oh Excuse Me Im im Allergic To Dogs"
"B*tching Makes You Ugly" Then Turn Around And Carry On What Your Doing Of A Second The Turn Back Around And Say "Oh Wait Too Late"
"if I Throw A Stick Will You Go Away"
Ha One Of My Faves Is
"Oh I Feel Sorry For You, I Meen What Are You Going To Do For A Face When King Kong ask's For His Arse Back"
And Another One I Like
"And Your Pretty Gorgeous For A Griller"
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