How to get over fearing for my safety?

I was in my room. I heard noises in the back of my house. which is
where my room is & my parents is on the 3rd floor. & im on the 1st.
well my dog was barking. I went in my living room to see what
he is barking at & he was facing the door. & see the blinds arent
quit big enough to cover the whole window. there is a good inch left.
& I look at the handle & it was turned. I ran too the door. & I couldnt pull
it back & when I did I locked it quick & yelled really loud for my mom
& step-dad. they came running down. I was scared to death. thats the
3rd time someone has tried to break in. I want to move really bad. but
my mom wont. she wants a alarm system. but idont. I jst want too move.
cause where I live so many people shoot people; kill others & everything.
& plus we live in a big house & people of course that want money will go to
a big house to rob. well I cant get that out of my head. does anyone know
what I should do ? like I layed in bed all day yesterday. I was frightend. &
if you know anything too help me please.

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I think the whole alarm system is a good idea.
Yeah, I'm sure moving would be nice. But honestly, moving is so so much work. You cant just move because people try and break it, just protect yourself. The alarm system wont fail if you get a good one.

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yea and usually people wont break in if you ha ve that "this house protected by ..." whatsef freeking system you get and if you are alone, get a really big freeking knife, just in case :D

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No matter where you move there will always be the chance of someone breaking in. However, the alarm system is a good idea. Is a room up closer to your parents? Some department stores sell security door stopper things. They are metal poles that you push up against your door at night and you can't open the door from the other side. We use to have them at my grandpa Smith's. And they work great.


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Im really sorry. I was robbed too. My sister was in the apartment alone and the door was unlocked, someone came into the house so she ran to the washroom, when she came out our laptops were gone. Sucks that there are people like that. You were very brave to run to the door, be proud of yourself, and never be afraid. Why don't you talk about getting an alarm system, another dog, and getting lights in the backyard so you can see whos there. Also get good locks on the door, and a LOCKED GATE.

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Definitely get the alarm system. Get better bolts for the door. Get a really big dog.

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