Are some toys unsafe?

I have heard lately about toys that have not been checked out before then ship them out and I was wondering if you know anything that? I know that some toys you have to send back because of health wise stuff? I dont know much about this but any information would help so please let me know... Thank you

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Other than those, you might also find out from the retailer about current recalls of toys they have been selling. Toys are Us posts such recall messages at their store, and I'm sure you can find out about them on their website as well.

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Dear itallgood01,
Since your post there has been another rash of toys removed from the market. One in particular that was popular here and in the States. When the beads are ingested it turns into a substance similar to Ecstasy. 3 children were hurt so far. Keep your eyes posted to the news at all times. I would not be purchasing any toys for the time being and try making your own fun at home with homemade silly putty, home made paints etc. Check out some parenting web sites for fun crafts.
Sue...good luck

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