Is the snow in the UK really that bad as everyone makes it out to be??

Answer #1

The snow all across Northern Europe, including the UK, is very bad right now. Many places are having record snowfall because there is a massive high pressure system over Greenland steering several strong storms in this direction. My city has had three heavy snow storms in the last week. It’s so bad that several flights have been cancelled and road travel is nearly impossible. On Sunday I was driving the A1, an Autobahn route near my city. Normally these roads are the first to be plowed, but the snowfall was so heavy the roads were covered in snow just a couple hours after the plow came through.

Answer #2

ugh.. yes. I hate all of this snow. i have to shovel the pavement like every other hour.. to add to all of that, its 0 C and i hate the bitter cold like this.

Answer #3

kinda depends on where you are, glasgow’s not too bad but london’s terrible

Answer #4

although it is funny when the “high” during the day is 0 C…lol

Answer #5

Send some of that snow my way. I haven’t seen a real winter here since 1996. Maybe it will drive some of the outa staters away.

Answer #6

please take some of ours!!!!

Answer #7


Answer #8

Wow Thats bad,

Answer #9

No, it’s a very mild winter in the UK this year. The fuss you hear on the news is a plot by the manufacturers of de-icing fluid and snow shovel companies to drive up the price of their products.

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