Snowing in places its never snowed before

Its snowing in places its never snowed before, its snowing in places where it hasnt snowed in years… What does evryone think of this? What are the opinions on why its happening?

Answer #1

Well I just got a book in the mail about the end of the world and if that is near us! People have said that New Years on 2012 that the world was going to end but I think that the people who wrote down the times millions of years ago, just stopped cause they didn’t think that anybody would exsist around this century!!

Answer #2

I think that new weather records are broken in some sense somewhere every year. That was true even before we added global warming to the equation.

There is no significance to isolated anomalies. It’s only if oddities are unusually frequent that we need look for a cause.

Answer #3

I live in Louisiana - it hasn’t snowed around our town in 20 years! I really dont’ care what’s going on - it was nice to see snow for the first time.

Answer #4

goblal warming more freezing water in the sky’s turning to snow and falling on new places or the jack frost wanted a change in is rountien this year.

Answer #5

on occasion, my relatives in louisiana have had snow, it doesn’t linger around long- but it does happen.

it really depends on how far south these weather patterns are pushing and how the jet stream is flowing.

I do not believe that there is any significance to snow where it usually doesn’t snow. just strong weather systems. and nothing to support the “global warming” theory.

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