slow computer

mmk so my computer takes forever to start up. way slower then any other computers I see. also it takes awhile to bring up things such as microsoft word. just slow in general. how can I make it faster?

Answer #1

If you are wanting to Defrag your computer to speed things up, below is information for defragmenting in Windows XP plus some other info to help speed things up:

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter > select (highlight) the drive you want to Defrag and click Analyze. After analyzing a window will pop up telling you whether you need to Defrag that drive.

Before you Defrag you might want to do the Disk Cleanup. Follow the same instructions for getting to the Defragmenter but choose Disk Cleanup instead which is right above Defragmenter.

If you don’t have a registry cleaner, check out the one below:

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is good and relatively fast.

I run it at least once a week.

If you don’t have a good anti spyware / adware program, consider:

Spybot - Search & Destroy removes spyware and it’s FREE.

I also run it weekly.

If you don’t have a good anti-virus program, I highly recommend AVG:

AVG is a FREE anti-virus program that is excellent

If you use your computer a lot or a lot of other people use your computer then you can set it to automatically run each day during a time that you don’t usually use your computer. Otherwise just set it to run once a week.

You can actually use your computer while each of the above tasks are in operation but you will find that your programs run slower while the task is in progress.

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Answer #2

Delete all the files, pictures, and programs you do not and will not use.

Go to your “all programs” then go to “accessories” then go to “system tools” and then click on “clean disk.” This will allow you to clean up your disk further of files that are temporary and not used.

Then go to “all programs” then go to “accessories” then go to “system tools” and the click on “disk defragmenter.” This will move your files so that your computer moves faster.

Good luck and I agree, if it is an old computer try to get a new one but the above will really help.

Answer #3

well it depends on if the computer is old because many older computers are very slow, or if the computer is just using too much memory. if the computer is old I recommend you buy a new one because I don’t know of any other solution to that. if it is just using too much memory, clear it out a little. get rid of applications and files that you dont need or use anymore. also, sometimes the system you are using can be slow. if you are using Microsoft for example, and you are using an older version, buy a newer version of the system. I use Microsoft Windows Vista, and it works pretty well.

Answer #4

You could buy some RAM and install it on to the motherboard. Don’t try doing it yourself if you don’t know what to do. There are probably guides on the internet which will talk you through doing it. Search on Google “Guide To Installing RAM”.

Answer #5

change some of the startup programs, go to start, run, then type ‘ msconfig ‘ when it comes up go to startup programs, and stop non essential ones, also defragment disk and delete unneeded progeams

Answer #6

Defrag your computer, get rid of any old programs you no longer use, and delete your temporary files/internet cache as well. Then, if it’s still running slowly, use a registry cleaner. It’ll definitely speed up your PC. When your registry gets corrupted or bloated it will slow your computer down, and a registry cleaner can help with that.

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