How to fix my slow computer?

does anyone have some ideas why my comp has gone slow and keeps saying ‘cannot display this page’ its only been happening since I changed my modem to a wireless netgear modem,I’ve done scans and that ok so what could it be??

Answer #1

Thepope is totally right! I have and use all those things and they do work. Also check w/other users (if any) to see what they’re downloading (or is it YOU???!); MP3’s and graphics files will really slow down the system. If so, upload them onto a storage site like Photobucket or Mediawire.

Make sure you haven’t got spyware, which could have installed another network connection.

You can also do this: Hit “Start” then “Run”. Type in “msconfig.” and go to Windows Shared Programs. Look for anything with the suffix “.dll” and make a note of them. Then check w/Microsoft security center or Firefox, to see if any of these are actually malware.

In the end, I find that one of the simplest things, that so many people do NOT do, speeds things up the best: CLEAR OUT your Temporary Internet Files (.tif’s)! You can do this with DiskCleanup Utility (click the second tab) or CCleaner.

Better yet, configure your Internet Options (in the Control panel) to “clear Temporary Internet Files after closing browser”. Works great! The only thing is that, if you’re using XP and have different accounts, you need to do it separately with each one, which is a drag, but worth it.

Answer #2

It will most likely to do with the connection settings or proxy settings. Check your wireless modem’s instructions to see what sort of settings it needs. And it is always highly recommended to have your wireless encrypted (password protected).

Answer #3

This is what I use to keep windows purring.

for performance increases without upgrading your hardware…

  1. Keep windows updated.

  2. Run windows disk defragmenter and check disk. *NOTE - Over defragmenting causes a decrease in performance. Some fragmentation is okay.

  3. Set your page file to be static 1 1/2 times the amount of your physical RAM.

  4. Use free spy ware cleaning utilities like Adaware from Lavasoft.

  5. Run the utilities below.

download and run both

CCleaner -

PageDefrag -

Set page defrag to run at every boot. After the initial run the defrags should be done within 3 - 5 seconds.

Answer #4

Go to “all programs” click “accessoriei” then “system tools” then “system restore” follow the instructions and restore your computer to an earlier point in time, like the day before it started being slow. This is like traveling back in time, to not do something stupid you did. We cannot do that, but your computer can. Then set restore points for every day. In the future, if you catch a computer virus, or adware, or other problems just restore it to the day before. If you think you have a virus go to “eset nod 32” and dowload the best anti viral there is. This will locate and remove any viral or malware in you system. it will also alert you if you are on a dirty (malware) site, or if anything viral is trying to download into your system. it is the best there is, and is used by U.S. Government agencies.

Answer #5

everytime my computer goes so damn slow I re-install the whole windows and that usually works but then my brothers and sister use the computer and they download limewire constantly which has made my computer incredibly slow…another reason why your computer might be slow is bcause their might be viruses on it.

Answer #6

will this wipe anything I have saved off on my comp by doing this??

Answer #7

ok thanx

Answer #8

Unless you back-up all your files first - yes, re-installing windows (done the proper way) can wipe all of your saved stuff.

Answer #9

Make sure your drivers for you modem (and all your drivers for that matter) are up to date. You should also make sure you’ve installed any new updates for your OS. Another great way to fix a slow computer is to clean out your registry. Registry cleaning software is usually very affordable, and it can make a big difference in your PC using experience. It can speed up your computer, fix DLL and registry errors, etc. It is also wise to use good security software to make sure your PC is free of malware/spyware/viruses.

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