Want to skateboard but have no idea

Its my first time skating… I really want a board from CCS like a zero. but some people are telling me to get a cheap one from walmart or someplace… I dont want to spend my money on that… yea but I have no idea how to skate though…lol

Answer #1

Make sure you wear protective equipment - you’ll fall many times - some info:


Answer #2

try going to academy stores..maybe they have some there I remember seein a couple of brands there..u should go check it out!

Answer #3

Most places that sell the top quality boards like zero and element also sell there own brand name skateboards, they are a lot cheaper to buy, not quite the same quality but they are way better then wal-mart quality… So go in and ask about there skateboards that they make. Wal-mart ones arent good to learn on because they are nothing like a real board. Goodluck :)

Answer #4

actually its a lot easier to practice on the cheap boards, so many people do that and then when they get a bit good they move up to the expensive ones so if you decide its not for you or too hard then you wouldnt have spent all your money also if your just going to be rolling around (and not doing tricks for a while) then id recommend a cheaper board the expensive boards are great but the bearings are a lot different to the cheap ones, same with the wheels (and deck) expensive ones will go a lot faster, and youll easily fall off if you dont know how to roll around a cheap board will sell for around $20-$50 and an expensive one around $100-$300 this is for the complete set-up

Answer #5

yes. a wal-mart board would be the best choice. my first board lasted a week. your gonna break it so why spend all the money. if you learn to skate on a cheap board, skating on a exspensive one (element or blind) will be easy.

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