What do you think is a good size home in square foot, for a 4 person family?

Answer #1

About 3000 square feet

Answer #2

as long as you have 3 bed rooms, assuming the tow person are in the same bed, LOL. a living room, kitchen and dining room, studying room for the whole family… AND A VERY WIDE-WIDE YARD.

Answer #3

Well my wife said it has to have 20 or more acres, so the yard in covered, but she want two extra bedrooms for guest so a 5 bedroom. I want a theater room, that I can jam out in and not disturb the rest of the house. I think this can be done in 3500 square foot, but she want 4 to 5000. Is it best to buy the max you can afford or keep it within reason.

Answer #4

Your wife has a very brilliant idea. I must say I am on here side!

Answer #5

Dual bathrooms is a complete plus.. especially if you plan on making this a long term home. If the situation is 2 adults, 2 young children, perhaps put in a master bath attached to your room, and a household bathroom. So you can shower, they can brush there teeth or have emergancy potty urges. If they are older, same rules can apply, or you can do one and a half baths. One full, one just with a bathroom and sink. Another intresting idea that I’ve seen, is having a sink room with toilet, and a seperate room for the shower/bath. Perhaps a shower on one side and a hot tub in the same room, or a giant shower room with multiple heads and jets… ^_^

Answer #6

You are right, my current house has 3 bathrooms, I would think 3 or more.

Answer #7

Sorry read the whole thing, have you been in my current house, lol, you have just described it.

Answer #8

A lot has to do with how much stuff you have and how efficiently the space is used. Most homes waste a great deal of space due to poor design. If you are going to have 5 bathrooms and a home theater in 3,500 sq. ft. I think some of your bedrooms are going to be on the small side. How large a master suite do you require? How about a 2nd master suite for guests? (dual masters are a trend in new houses) Will you want dual living areas? A home office? If you have a pool how about a bathroom/changing room accessible from your yard so swimmers won’t walk through your house dripping wet? If you or your wife cook a lot you will enjoy having a large kitchen with lots of counter space and a walk-in pantry. 3,500 sq. ft. might work but 5,000 sq. ft. might not be enough.

Can you still buy 20 acre lots in Allen or are you moving farther out?

As far as how much house you should buy be careful not to become “house poor” A lot of people buy so much house that they end up not having money for much else.

Answer #9

We are moving out side of Allen, 20 acres is a bit hard to find in Allen, also my current house will be paid for in 5 years or less. I do not know if I should rent the house out or just sell it to start the new place quicker. I know my grand father retired with quit a few houses and just sells them as needed, that is basically part of his retirement. You bring up a lot of good points, and I would like to keep the house note lower than $2,500 a month.

Answer #10

Haha My dad is a carpenter, so I have seen some really intresting houses… One had a shower IN the bedroom corner. The carpet went all the way up to the shower.

Answer #11

That is strange, the strangest thing I saw was this house with a large party room and just off the party room was a room full of shower heads around the wall and a large tub in the center.

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