How do you reach high notes?


I am a singer..

just wondering!

Anyone out there that sings to!


How to open up and reach your high vocals?


I sing high songs and I feel that I CAN reach them but I end up not to..

But I keep on trying..

Please answer!

Answer #1

You need to make sure your mouth is opened up, you may look funny but it helps! Make sure your mouth is wide open when you sing high notes.

Answer #2

well to be honest I couldnt reach them high notes every time I tried to my voice went all squeky and I couldnt hold it. so I went to my music teacher in school and he sed say laa for as long as you can and thats how long you can reach your notes for and if your going for a big note always come from your stomach and another way that helps is to lie on your back and sing high notes it really helped me!

Answer #3

Ya a thing that my dad (a womens choir teacher) tells us sopranos to do is smile when you go to hit high notes. he has his masters in music and our womens choir took state and few years ago and did really really good last year. just see if it helps. you make look a little funny, but it helps.

Answer #4

hi you all might not know me yet but I am in the music bizz you will see me soon at concerts and that like hannah montna we are kind of close pals but if you want to hit a high not just hold your breath and let out the song words thats what I do xx

Answer #5

i always always taught from my music teacher and mum who sang to hold in my stomach. it helps u reach the higher notes.

Answer #6

well, I sing in my school chorus. you need a lot of breath support from your diaphram. You need to raise the soft pallet also and create a lot of space inside your mouth. make sure your posture is right also, shoulders comfortably back. High notes can be challenging and take practice. They don’t just come overnight. trry starting from a lower note and gradually increasing. like la la la or ooo ooo ooo something liike that. im sure if you have a vocal instructor at school (if you go to school) they’d be willing to help

Answer #7

Best way to hit the high notes is hire a voice coach.

Answer #8

I wouldn’t use the Singer’s Saving Grace stuff. (I’m assuming it’s a similar product to “entertainer’s secret” it’s just simple chloreseptic spray that numbs your throat) If your throat is numb you can do damage to it and not know it.

Be careful when singing high notes you can REALLY damage your voice that way. Can you differentiate between chest voice, head voice and the whistle register/super head voice? If not I’d say work on that.

When I sing high notes there is a “breaking point” where I have to sorta “flip” my voice. It is hard to explain, but if you know the breaking point between chest voice and head voice it is very similar to that.

It’s knowing your range, knowing your limits and lots of breath support.

Answer #9

the best way to reach high note needs regular practice… like breathin exercise, and warm ups exercise and practicing wit warm up notes… trust me… do all this exercise without straining your throat everday… u’ll see a gradual strong voice and confidence… you can learn these simply from youtube wenbsite… pls start every practice by garglin your throat by warm salt water…

Answer #10

one thing I’ve heard that works is bending your knees down as you go for it thinking low thoughts helps you get higher, so bend your knees, hold your stomache and belt, keep practicing you will get better, I know I have a lot more to do but I couldnt sing at all a year ago now im at least average and still getting better

Answer #11

I’m trying to sing hurt by christina aguillera for a talent show in my school and I have the same problems sometimes I get the notes right sometimes I don’t its driving me crazyyy

Answer #12

whats the average time to achieve high pitch/note? :/

Answer #13

im working on the same thing what works is just to … practice! I got to a high not on I hate this part right here by the pussycat dolls by practicng now people say I sound amazing I did the same for tearddrops on my guitar by taylor swift as you can see I went fromt he teardrops on my guitar to I hate this part because im getting able to go higher so JUST PRACTICE PRACTICE strainng your vioce to work harder is a good thing. and it WILL NOT!!! DAMAGE YOUR VIOCE.

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