Silver ravenwolf

Why do some people hate silver ravenwolf? I personally dont mind her, shes no problem to me, but some people really seem to hate her. Why?

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Starhawk is “eh” as well. Though not as bad as RavenWolf(I don’t think).

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I haven’t personally come across anyone who actually came out and said ‘I hate Silver Ravenwolf’.

Are you sure you’re not exaggerating? Most people have never even heard of her.

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well there’s a person on this site that everytime someone mentions her they say “burn her books, she is such a hot air balloon” or something similar. And I’ve come across websites that totally list all the things they hate about her. I don’t know, I never saw anything wrong with her, thats why I posted the question, she was OK then all of a sudden some people are just…not happy with her lol

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lol him too who is left? lol

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and scott cunningham o_O least that’s my opinion lol

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Umm… who is that? Ö___ö

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no lol, her or dj conway (sp) didnt like him either

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Don’t mind even if you were. And not a problem 1_~ Im just the type of peson who starves truth and enlightment. But what good is it if you dont share. Good to hear you didn’t take her serisouly, lol.

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if you’re referring to me, this is what I said word for word “really silver raven wolf is a waste of your time and money you’re better off doing some research online it’s heavily opinionated and offers little facts I fancy it sad a mere 106 paged book had 5x’s the facts of a book she wrote that was at least 3-4x’s as thick. I found the best books for good hard facts are those that take an outsiders’ look in.” But now that you mention it, hot air balloon wouldn’t be a bad comparison either.

Well said hourglass though you haven’t elaborate why you disagreed on her claims of why wicca and witchcraft are different And it’s Marilyn Manson(nice way to compare, however, you’ve a lot of Mall-Goth’s and Mansonites that will argue to the death about that statement XD)

I’ve read “Teen Witch” and thumbed through many of her other works to find she really doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about, and as Hourglass stated, it would seem she does have a silly tirade against Christianity is embarrassing to the Craft, and that’s coming from me(I did not have a good experience with Christianity growing up)

It’s not uncommon for people who’ve learned the craft from reading her books to have to be re taught after joining a coven.


I think her work is interesting as works of fiction.

Reading her book is comparable to listening to a preacher. You have to figure out what is fact, and what is opinion.

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She’s a big fluff-ball who hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about. It’s as simple as that Allow me to quote a few things from her

“Real Witches do not…

-1-“You are not a real Witch if you hurt anybody.” Tell the practitioners of necromancy and black magic, I would enjoy seeing this.

-2-“Witches have taken an oath not to hurt people” Since when was this? I wasn’t informed of this BS

-3-“Real Witches know that whatever you do, whether in this world or the magickal world, comes back to you three times”

What an arrogant assumption. I as a practitioner do not believe in so. My entire group of friends I worked with does not. It does not make us any less of a witch!

-5-“drink or use blood in any way from animals, themselves, or any person (alive or dead).” Wrong again. Blood magick is a h*ll of an old practice. Traditions are still practice today. A lot of the time the blood is obtained in a nonviolent manner, menstrual blood, cutting a finger, and of coarse there’s the method of animal sacrifice, more practiced in third world countries I do believe.

-6-“summon demons. We simply are not that dumb” Wrong again. There are those who do indeed summon demons. I believe it is a foolish move indeed, but there are those who do.

-7- If we work bad magick, Spirit will take our gift(s) from us. If we work positive magick, then that good energy will return to us threefold.”

Hmm…where have I heard this before…Oh ya “Good people go to heaven, sinners go to hell”

-8- “The textbook definition of ‘magick’ goes something like this: Using one’s will to create form. Magick requires belief in a higher power, and faith in yourself. I’ve written scads of material on magick, and have read hundreds of books on the topic as well. I’ve thought about magick, talked about magick, and practiced magick for over twenty years. I’ve discovered that just as many religions exist in the world, so too many magickal systems present themselves from which the student may choose. I’ve learned that just as no religion is better than another, so too no magickal system outshines another. And I’ve learned that a magickal system isn’t worth squat unless you plug that system into a religion.”

funny how she says no one religion is better than another, then turns around and says magic isn’t worth squat less you plug it in, that should be a hint hint. I can’t say I belong to any religion, and my magic work is just fine. How ludicrous this claim is.

-9- All magick contains prayer. All magick incorporates divinity. All magick concentrates on positive change.” I disagree. I do not pray. I may believe in a Goddess, but not all pagan believe in any type of God. Not all magic concentrates on “positive change”, to even suggest this you’ld have to be an ignorant fool.

I’ld really like to see her go down to Mexico and tell those people who do practice what she claims “real witches” don’t and tell them to their face “you’re not a real witch”. I’ld buy the plane tickets just to see that. And a camera to record it and youtube it!

Oh ya, almost forgot

“To evoke means to bring forth from within ourselves an energy or force outward into the universe.” …do I really have to point out what’s wrong there?

-“Wicca – It is thought that this term was originally coined by Selena Fox of the Circle Sanctuary in an effort to describe the modern religion of WitchCraft (as begun by Gerald Gardner in England in the 1950s). There is no difference between Wicca and WitchCraft. Anyone who tells you there is a difference is experimenting in the theory of Occum’s Razor.” -“Magickal Glossary” on her websites -Teen Witch Handbook

It’s completely misconstrued.

  • According to this fluff, a pentacle is ONLY used point up, was “worshiped by the ancients”, and “has never indicated anything evil, and if a person uses a pentacle and does nasty things it is a sure sign that they haven’t a clue what they’re doing.”

Again, a quick glance through a history book will tell you different. Here’s a site that will explain in depth the history of the pentagram, I don’t feel like witting pages of information to de-bunk her claims=>

“Another name for a solitary witch is ‘natural witch” I would like to know what on mother earth she was smoking when claiming that, I wouldn’t mind trying it about now.

She presents Wica as de-sexed, and conveys near puritan view which has little place in a religion of fertility. Orginally Wica practiced sex magic in initiation. Alex Sanders, hope I don’t have to explain who he is, who was also originally in Gardner’s coven claimed that his initiation was through his Grandmother who he f*cked on the kitchen floor in the ritual of the Great Rite

Her tirades against Christianity are embarrassing to the craft

Her claims about wica are as factual as Marlyn Mansion’s Claims about Goth

She’s simply atrocious.

Answer #11

Ah, didn’t realized that I hadn’t. Well here’s my reason right now than Gerald made it Known as wica, only in later years was the extra c added. Wicca-pronounced witcha- and wicce actually-pronounced witche- being the root word of witch. I believe they were Angelo Saxon

I really couldn’t care less about the proper spelling of his name. Just I couldn’t care about what those mansonites and malls Goths say. I’m your genuine gloom cookie ;D

Answer #12

I wasnt refering to you no lol at least I dont think so, I couldnt remember who said it but it was good thanks guys now I understand why I never had the patience to read her books all the way through XD I started to read them, but it didnt give me enough facts. too much opinion, and I didnt think I could benefit from what she had so say, so I stopped. Never really focused any more energy on her


Reading her book is comparable to listening to a preacher. You have to figure out what is fact, and what is opinion.

XD thats how I felt reading them lol perfect analogy I also found the website to be helpful. Thanks. Im sooo glad I never took her seriously gotta love intuition. thanks guys

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