Who thinks cheerleading should be an Olympic sport?

I believe cheerleading should be an olympic sport because you must be mentally and phsically got to do this sport. Many people say cheerleading is easy. If you ask any cheerleader if cheerleading is easy. They will tell you no. I think it should be an Olympic sport even if America will get our butts wooped by china and Russia. Do think it should be?

Answer #1

Cheer leading in my opinion is a mix of gymnastics, and routine dancing. In a sense it wouldn’t make much sense to me to have cheer leading as an Olympic sport since it’s derived from a sport itself.

That doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t make cheer leading a much more praised sport. From what I know it takes a lot to be a cheer leader, like you said you have to be physically and mentally ready for the task.

Answer #2

cheerleading takes talent, commitment, strength, and determination.. so does all the other sports. so I think they should add it in there, and take out synchronized diving or something.. and I agree, cheerleading is pretty hard when it comes to being mentally and physically fit..

Answer #3

Before it can become an olympic sport, there has to be a universal set of criteria for judging. There are none at this point, but hopefully there will be one day! I definitely consider it a sport.

Answer #4

I agree Cheerleading definetly is a sport to watch for because its a combination of dance and gymnastics but not only that. it has its own unique type of gymnastics mostly floor with out the big things I think cheerleading as an olympic sport could really be cool and draw in larger audiences.

Answer #5

all my friends are cheer leaders…and I do dance and tumbling…gymnastics and cheerleading are soo different…yes they use some tumbling…but they also use flyers and more

Answer #6

I think they should too!!!

Answer #7

Isn’t that what gymnastics is for?

Answer #8

i do!

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