How do I become less shy about my interest in skateboarding with my parents?

i’m having a really rough time self teaching myself how to skate. i’m extremely shy with just about any interest of mine. how do i bring the topic up? i also need to know great places to buy skateboard supplies, such as grip tape, bearings..etc.

Answer #1

I don’t see why you’re so shy about it! I think any hobby or intrest you haave in anything would be greatly aadmired by your parents :) I would just brig it up during a meal. Tell them about how you’re interested in picking up skateboarding, and why, and ask if one of them could drive you to get supplies. It could be a bonding time where they get to know an intrest of yours :) there you’re parents, no need to worry around them!

Answer #2

I’m guessing you aren’t really 21 like your profile says? First of all, make sure you have your real age on here, that way we can all give you better advice and you can meet some awesome people your own age!

I don’t know why you’d be shy about what you are interested in, it’s almost like being ashamed! You don’t need to be ashamed, embrace your interests! Your parents should be happy that you have found something to do with your spare time! You could just casually say ‘hey mum/dad, I’m really liking skateboarding right now, could we maybe get a skateboard so that I can practice?’ or something like that. You could start with a cheaper one, but soon you will want to get a better one. You can get everything from skate shops. Many skate shops sell complete entry-level boards which are actually quite good for beginning. You can then buy extra wheels for different surfaces, and more expensive trucks when you begin grinding etc. You’ll want a cheaper board to start off with, which will then become your practice board, so that if you break it while practicing on ramps, jumps and rails, it won’t matter as much as if you had an expensive board. Go to your local mall, there will most probably be a skate gear shop. If there isn’t a shop that sells boards etc, then go to a surfy/skatey apparel shop and ask them where you could go to buy a board.

Answer #3

omg girl dont be shy its all cool im a skater myself honestly my parents dont care about it cause they dont mind its a fun thing just tell them to chill and not go crazy about it there your parents if they care about you they willl respect what you like to do

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