How do you become a cheerleader if your a shy person

Well im a REALLY shy person but I really want to be a cheerleader. how can I?

Answer #1

To be a success you must pay the price - If you want it bad enough, STEP UP and ‘Go for it !! - you can do it !! - besides, others there are feeling the same as you…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

he little miss, feeling shy sucks. I used to be that way and I learned really quick that if I didn’t do something unique to set me aside from all of my friends, then I would blend in and no one ever noticed little ole’ me. So…I made the decision and started slowly. My mom put me in gymnasitics and dance. that is very important so you feel confident. also performing in front of an audience helps get rid of that shyness. plus it gives you the ability to move like a cheerleader should. quit hiding your beautiful self. who are to shrink so others don’t feel insecure around you? let it out baby! Shine! Most importantly, BE YOURSELF. no body likes fake:) And SMILE!

Answer #3

I am a very very shy person too. but it really doesnt matter if you are shy or loud or whteverr. I am in cheer right noww and you basically just get use to it. cuzz your gunna do a lot of competions so you wont even care

Answer #4

stop being shy because its not worth it because I use to be very shy and I never was able to do things like being a cheerleader or a basketball player or anything like that so your the one that has to just go for it and say the hell with that I want to be the best cheerleader I can be.well its up to you if you still want to be shy trust me it sucks,but now I can talk to anybody like nothing. it will get better as the days,weeks, months,and years go by just go for it and stop being shy. and goodluck

Answer #5

don’t be shy. come out more

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