Help me be less shy and prove to the rest

So I did volleyball last year but I was very shy, so a lot of the older players didn’t even aknoweledge I was on the team. Now this year, they all think I’m a newbie and can’t play, so they always correct me. How can I prove or tell them I’m not a newbie without sounding rude? and how can I get better at volleyball!!?? And I really don’t want to be shy around teh older players any help? I htink it is mostly because they intimidate me!

Answer #1

hide your fear and show them you are a girl who plays volleyball with confidence!practice with your siblings or with a friend!I am sure you will become a great volleyball player!if you hate my answer inform me !

Answer #2

sounds like a friend of mine on our team. depends on what grade your in. be more cconfident and smile a little more. make eye contact with the players who talk down to you. :]

good luck

Answer #3

hmmm I don’t know mabye just be like so how are yeah and start some conversations and open up to them make friends wit em sorry im not much help

Answer #4

I used to be in this situation, but I got over it quickly because the less shy you are the better you play because then you aren’t worried about how you look around them, so what you need to do is talk on the court more and also don’t be so intimidated because when they see that you can play then they will start respecting you more, if you tell me what position you play I may be able to help you a little bit better you can fun mail me if you want to, I have been playing volleyball for like seven years. hope that helped.

Answer #5

I’d say just go with whatever they say. They’re probably NOT trying to intimidate you, they’re probably just trying to help you out. If someone says something like, “Hey, you’re not doing this right blah blah.” Then just say. “Hey, thanks!” And smile. Even if you do think your doing it right, they’re probably just trying to be helpful. Also to get over the shyness start talking to a few girls a little more. Like maybe start a convo with one of them during a water break.

Answer #6

uhhh I guess kinda like practice with a few friends or sometthing and then kinda try 2 take charge in the game. sooner or later they hafta compliment what you did during the game. : ) and compliments always give like confidence so that mite help get over some of your shyness. and you can always give them compliments and soon it will get better? I don’t know…lol

Answer #7

No that was good help, thanks :]

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