Should this be mandatory ?

Parents in California have started reacting to the state’s newly mandated homosexual indoctrination program by pulling their children out of classes, and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell is warning districts they’ll lose money if that happens - Should this be mandatory ?

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Sue, you say ‘of course’ - then why are parents pulling their kids out of those schools - all of them wrong / stupid / intolerant ??

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I’m with you rnealw, my kids would outta there !! - what do you think the odds are Sue will NOT answer: Sue, you say ‘of course’ - then why are parents pulling their kids out of those schools - all of them wrong / stupid / intolerant ??

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seriously lol you know what…I would PURPOSELY put my kids in that school! The more education that is givin to children about the ACCEPTANCE of homosexuality, the better off our country would be…and these old conservative bitter WASP morons can just be a dying breed:)

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homosexuality has been witnessed among animals? Actually this is a way in lower animals to show domination (National Geographic). Are you saying we should act like animals without reason?

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Social conservatives were also against womens sufferage and for segregation.

This is simply the next fight. Progressives have made great strides in their efforts for equality for women and racial minorities. Now social conservatives want to be able to continue to discriminate against the gay lesbian bi and transgendered community with impunity. They feel that if they are not able to discriminate against these groups that their own rights are being violated. There is a concept that one person’s rights end where the next person’s rights begin. Shouldn’t glbt students have a right to an education free of discrimination and harassment?

Lots of white parents pulled their kids out of public schools when they found out that their kids would have to go to school with blacks as well. Should schools be held hostage by the fact that some groups will be offended by their efforts to end discrimination?

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Well said, I’m not gay or anything but it is obvious that people don’t just wake up and think…hmmm, I think I’ll give homosexuality a try. Gay people know that their is something different about them from a very early age, and trying to teach them it’s not how they should be, is like trying to teach a straight girl not to like boys. It’s just how they are, and people need to be educated about these issues to curve attitudes & teach people to be more tolerant in society.

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It would have been helpful to have had a link to this “indoctrination program” included so one could see whether it was truly indoctrination or simple education. Some people use the words interchangeably when they should not.

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You do know your parts of the brain…it consists of the a major part called the reptillan or the R-complex. You may find it interesting to do some reading on this. Sue

Answer #9

I would remove my kids from class too. . . . .

Answer #10

Dear amblessed, Of course it should be mandatory. We are in a very exciting time. With the undisputed facts about sexual preferences being biological we now can begin to teach the facts with authority. It took hundreds of years to prove that women were even smart enough to vote, that women could be doctors, lawyers etc. Women especially feel the empathy for those effected by the ignorance and the intolerance some teach. I for one who work with families am seeing how new attitudes are changing the families. We see less suicides, depression, misunderstanding around young gays. Some day people who preach tolerance will actually practise what they preach. Sue…good luck

Answer #11

Damn conservitists

Answer #12

ok if homosexuality is ok and we should tolerated it than why is beastuality(humans and animals in a sick way) wrong and a lot of other perverted things? and who knows some people on here might think that. Peter Singer a ethics professor at Princeton uni. thinks beastuality is ok he even believes in abbortion after the baby has been born. so if we can abbort or kill, if I may say, babies when they are born than why not when they are 2 or 3…? some countries in europe are even starting to and trying to pass laws to make humans and animals to made legal. plus there is not one species of animals that is gay or somehting they all mate femail and male.

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that’s where I stand amblessed “values and morals” We are nothing with out them And it’s not a racial thing like the Civil righs movement it’s a Moral issue. Thank God Home Schooling is Legal in the U.S. *this is a forum of asking a question not a debate forum. You could fool me. . . 80% of the stuff here is debate. . . . But that figure is debatable. . . it could be more. And the Drug issue. . . they should hear it from you first. . Before school.

Answer #14

They’re standing for their values and morals - in my humble opinion, THAT is the correct answer - you can say ‘that’s the wrong way’ all day, I say, ‘I admire them for standing up for your their children and doing what is right’ - I hope all parents would do that.

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Told you rnealw, she wouldn’t answer: >> Sue, you say ‘of course’ - then why are parents pulling their kids out of those schools - all of them wrong / stupid / intolerant ?? <<

Answer #16


amblessed…this is a forum of asking a question not a debate forum. You ask you are answered. If you don’t think you’ll like the answer don’t ask. Sue

Answer #17

Up until very recently several churches preached that black people were cursed with the mark of Cain. This was used as a justification of slavery, racism, segregation, and laws against interracial marriage. What if today someone said that they could not sell a house to a black or mixed race couple because doing so goes against their religion? What if a student’s parents objected to a book their children were reading that present black families too favorably?

1 Timothy 12 gives us:

‘I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men. She is to keep silent.’

Believers could take this to object to female teachers, principals, etc.

There is no law keeping believers from thinking or even teaching in churches that blacks are cursed or that women must be subservient to men but there are laws that make it illegal to discriminate against blacks or women.

People have the right to believe anything but as I said their beliefs do not give them the right to deny rights to other people even if their beliefs perscribe it.

To me this is a civil rights issue. Why shouldn’t these groups have the same rights and protections as other groups? Even though someone’s racism or sexism can have a religious motivation there are still laws to protect women and racial minorities from discrimination. You don’t have to like or agree with homosexuality or gender confusion but you should not be entitled to discriminate against people based on it.

I can’t speak for sue90 but I’ll say that anyone who harasses or discriminated against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identification is a bigot regardless of if they are motivated by their religious convictions or not.

Answer #18

outcast, seems to me that you are arguing that if we accept homosexuality that this is a slippery slope that leads us to accepting bestiality and infantcide.

This seems like quite a stretch to me. It is like saying that if we are going to ignore traffic laws and not ticket drivers for going 5 MPH over the speed limit and rolling through stops than eventually this lawlessness will lead to police ignoring rape and murder.

As far as your individual examples. Beastiality is not between concenting adults. On the other hand seeing the kind of lifes that animals on factory farms live beastiality is pretty far down on my animal rights priority list. Considering the number of times I’ve had dogs try to hump my leg some animals seem quite eager for this sort of contact. Of course infantcide is not between concenting adults so it isn’t even in the same category.

Moreover, homosexuality has been witnessed among animals. Homosexual bonding has been observed in monkeys, hyenas, sea gulls, giraffs, penguins, whales and others. It is actually quite common.

Answer #19

There are a whole list of things that should NOT be mandatory in grade school that’s state run.

Lying to kids about history (pilgrims & native americans…don’t get me started)

Teaching little kids about drugs (the first time my kids heard about illegal drugs was from the state - why do they need to hear it at all when they are 5???)

JFK & the magic bullet…the government has ackdowledged that the magic bullet theory is false, but still has another few decades to release the information they’ve kept hidden from the public. When JFK came up in my state run school, they had to teach that the patsy was the assassin, and acted alone, as that’s the real story.

The FBI & their take down of Malcom X & wrongful imprisonment of members of the black panther party…

need I continue? You want a better education system, you need to get rich enough to pay for it. Otherwise, in any state mandated school system, you’ll have programs that don’t deserve funding getting your tax dollars.

pulling kids out of school wrong / intolerant / stupid

They’ve voting with their feet, the wrong way. The “proper” way to do it is to lobby their friends, associates, and political representatives…so the correct answer is “none of the above”.

:) I hope that other parents, as I do, frequently give their local school if their children attend a piece of their mind. I know I do - I met with the principal more times last year than any other father in the school, and my older son was only in kindergarten.

Answer #20

Yes, this should be mandatory because knowledge is power and if these kids aren’t informed they won’t know about homosexuality. The unknown is feared and hated. That’s why. I’m not saying they have to be forced to LIKE homosexuality or embrace it, but if they have the FACTS, they can think about it and formulate their own opinion instead of just fearing it and hearing whispers about it when the grown-ups are talking.

Outcast, you are really out there with your train of thought. Beastiality is not tolerated because an animal can not consent to sex, it is abuse. Morals aside. Homosexuality is not a choice and it is not sick, you just think it’s sick. Keep in mind that your own conviction is not necessarily that of others, and certainly not necessarily the truth.

I love how you’re pulling this thing about countries in Europe legalizing beastiality out of your behind. Where are you even getting that from? It’s not because the Atlantic Ocean is between you and Europe that it’s alright to talk nonsense about it. I am 99% sure that you are referring to this Peter Singer and putting his words out of context. Even if you are not, how does it matter one bit? You are making odd jumps and turns, what are you trying to say? Are you equating homosexuality and beastiality, linking it to infanticide just so you can call homosexuality immoral?

Answer #21

Would you like Scriptures refering to Homosexuality as sin? Then you can understand why Conservative Christians are Against it.

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