Should abortions be mandatory for those under the legal age of adulthood?

In Australia the legal adult age is 18 and I beleive that kids under that age (or what it adult age is in ur country) should not be aloud to have a say in what happened to the kid (if they are pregnant) why? because what kid has the means to suport a kid when they cannot support themselves? Why should hard working tax payers suport these people through welfare?

Kids who fall pregnant imho have been tough well enough or that have been tought well but fail to utilize thier education. Only silly lil girls would be scared to tell their parents, sure your parents would possibly go bonkers and be mad at u what respectable parent would not?

As for adoption, to many kids are put up for adtion but sadly there are many who dont get adopted.

MORAL of the story make sure he wears a condom and ur on the pill or pill alternitive and make sure u take the pill regualy and dont skip a day.

Answer #1

Mandatory to abort a child for reasons of… your tax money???

W T F ? <– all that I can say to your arguments without using insulting language

I don’t know about Australia, but where I live there are more couples who want to adopt than there are children who are free to be adopted. Only most of these children have been through traumatizing situations or are physically disabled. So most optional parents think that they can’t handle the stress that comes with caring for a kid like that. But a healthy new born baby given up to adoption will always find a new home.

BTW, a teen with a family CAN raise a child. It may not be ideal, but its better for the child to be there in an unconventional family than it is to be never born.

I think it should be LEGAL for teenagers to abort but if they think that they can handle it - and their parents offer them support - they should be able to have that baby. And even if one of them doesn’t have family support and gets welfare. MAN, that’s what welfare is for.

Answer #2

I agree with you but then I disagree. I agree with the fact that BOTH the male and female should know better than to have s-x, before they are actually ready. and that protection shouldn’t be even hesitated upon. But at the same time I disagree because some kids didn’t have the greatest childhood and don’t know any better, and/or don’t get the attention they deserve so they go out and do something known to get attention.

I disagree that the kids who are usually around (14-16) shouldn’t have a say in what happens to the child, because the bill of rights/constitution comes into that situation.

I think that sex ed should be a class every student takes, across all 50 states, so they can get a better understanding that there’s more to it then just making sure he has a condom and that you’re on the pill.

It’s hard on the tax payers, and it’s sad that many kids put up for adoption aren’t adopted everyone knows that.

(I hope this makes sense)

Answer #3

Reading this makes me sick to my stomach. I hope this isn’t really what you think. That you’re just trying to make people mad or something. As a pro-life advocate, I believe aborti.on is wrong, period. However, forced abo.rtion is especially heinous. That’s taking infanticide to a whole new level. I don’t think even Cecile Richards would think what you’re saying is right. Yeah, let’s strap down scared, teenaged girls, violate them, and kill the innocent baby growing inside of them. I’m sure that will totally go over well with the parents, and the voters. You’re taking the choice out of the pro-choice stance. I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into words, that’s how sick this is making me. But, no. I absolutely do NOT think ab.ortions should be mandatory for girls under 18.

Answer #4

No, abo.rtion/pregnancy etc, should be a personal choice, not some government/political issue. It is especially sick to force someone to about their baby, similarly it is sick to force someone to carry pregnancy to term. What you are suggesting is ridiculous. How about I rather suggest that we sterilize all teenage males, that way hormones won’t be the result of so much pregnancy? Don’t you think that it is a better idea?

Answer #5

nooooooo! an abrtion isnt that easy… losing a baby is heartbreaking for a female. even if she is under 18. yes, it is a stupid decision for someone under 18 to have a baby, but the law cant tell you if you can or cant have a baby!

Answer #6

Wow, how incredibly ignorant you are. Maybe we should just round up all the poor people who are on public assistance and just shoot them. That would save the tax payers money too. I mean, that is all that matters, isn’t it? Making sure you don’t pay more in taxes?

Answer #7

see the governemt can help poor people get jobs but tarin them to get jobs but they dont wanna, also kids under the age to me are far to immature to bare kids. they are kids them selves, sure there are very few out there whp could possibly handel it but why should tax payers have to suport kids with kids when it all could have been prevented? I rather my tax money go to the government to help those poor ppl to get jobs and straigten out thier lives. Kids should be having kids end of story and getting pregnant justs proves they should be haveing kids as the dont even know and apply safe sex practices.

this is what the tax payers should not have to support, and that is stupidity.

Answer #8

Abort. is murder end of story. In you saying this you think its humane kill a unborn child who hasn’t even been givien a chance of live yet. Their are plenty of people who would be more than willing to adopt a newborn child out in the world and even if the teenager was reckless and didn’t take the precautions, they should be the one making the decision for their body, and deciding weather to keep the baby to themselves or give the baby up for adoption. An unborn child should never pay the price of death because of a teenagers lack of responsibly. it disgust me that you would even consider that a intelligent thought, or good idea. If you were the girl below 18 being forced to have an abort. would you feel the same way or are your thoughts fully based upon the fact your over the age of 18 so it wouldn’t apply to you? the answer is no and you repulse me =)

Answer #9

It is very selfish to think this is about your taxes. It is about you endorsing the type of authoritarian government that would force teens to abort a pregnancy. Do you not see how wrong that is? Do you really think a government should have that kind of power? I think government does have a responsibility to help those in need. And some (not all) teens in that situation might need public assistance. The amount of money that would cost is a drop in the bucket compared to most of the waste and fraud that exists in all governments.

Answer #10

‘What kid has the means to support a kid’, uhm I would have. My parents have the money. Does that mean that I should have been exempt? Should all kids with rich enough parents be exempt? So now we’re basically fighting a war with the poor? Do I privately think maybe all teens who are sexually active should be on birth control, yes. Do I think that is any of the government’s business, no…

Answer #11

why do u think i am trying to make people mad? your entiteld to your opinion and thoughts arent i allowed mine? the way u say it no I am not. you disagree with what i say, fine, but my opinions and thoughts are just as valid as yours weither u agree with them or not :)

Answer #12

Poo, if you post something, particularly something as extreme and radical as you are suggesting, do not be surprised when people challenge it. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, and others are entitled to challenge and even berate it for being completely heinous. If someone came on here and claimed Hitler was right, and the Holocaust was a good thing, I would hope you would do the same thing to that person. People are just trying to show you how wrong (yes, you are wrong) your “opinion” is.

Answer #13

there is a ceirtain time for the baby to be ab0rtaed lastes i think is 11weeks, to me even if its formed to point where its abloe to be abor-ted, some people call it murder I dont because it is brought into the world as yet, it has opened its eyes to see the world etc thus this why i do not beleive its murder and if u say my OPINION is wrong then shame on u and others like u, just because i have different veiws dont mean u have to like it. You dont have agree but u cannot tell me i am worng cuz i am really not. neither is kaijo and others u think otherwise to my opinion.

Answer #14

and how is having an opinion worng? this issue is touchy sure i askedi t so see people answers and reactions and some i agree with more than others but no one is right or wrong, cuz peoples opinions are formed frm a number of things such as up bringing personality the world around them and religion. so everyones veiws and opions are going to be different.

Answer #15

It is wrong because what you are suggesting is a violation of someone’s civil rights, and no government should have that kind of power. Why are you ignoring that aspect of it? Your view on abrtion IS an opinion, but it is also irrelevant. If you read the responses here, you will notice that people from both sides of the issue, anti-abrtion and pro-choice, have responded, and not one agrees with you that it should be ever mandatory. If I said, “in my opinion, your neighbor should be allowed to steal your possessions”, would you really consider that an opinion? No you would see at someone advocating that your rights should be violated. I don’t think you have fully thought this idea out. It is quite extreme…

Answer #16

So I’m guessing that these “mandatory @bortions” for those who can’t afford it will also come out of tax payers’ pockets. You’ll have to pay taxes either way, teen pregnancy or no teen pregnancy. Paying taxes is part of being an adult in a functioning society. Suck it up!

Answer #17

I thought you were trolling, which is making people mad. I couldn’t believe that was how you actually felt, but apparently you do. I understand why people believe ab0rtion should be an option, but I don’t agree with them. In fact, even though it’s opinion, I think their opinion is wrong. My opinion is that your opinion is wrong. Does that make my opinion wrong? My views on ab0rtion are totally seperate from my views on religion. I believe that the moment the zygote is produced, that is a unique human being. But this isn’t necessarily about whether ab0rtion is right or wrong. It’s about whether girls should be forced to ab0rt their unborn children because it might save you a few dollars, or the girls should have the choice to raise their children, give them up for adoption, and yes, even ab0rt the baby.

Answer #18

Well first off I believe if anyone is going to “play god” as the cliche goes they should know how to spell allowed. Secondly I know many successful and proud parents who were as another cliche saying goes “teen moms”. A lot of these teens may not have had any education sexually at all. aside from that many people may do a condom and pill does not mean it is going to work. They say 99.9 percent effective that leaves .1 chance of failing and that just may be their luck. Why would you go and abort a child because a few of your tax payer dollars are going towards the unplanned baby? How about you use your mind and start a movement to have your tax payer money go towards the prevention. In any case to be perfectly honest women were birthing children at ages younger than 16 and 17 years old. And I would rather my tax payer money go towards helping that mother while she works hard to set up her new future than it go to the 40 year old lazy woman who lives down the street going no where in life.

Answer #19 (.) nsf/pages/Teenage_pregnancy

read it, its to do with australia but If it causes all those comlications and soctial issue and emotional problems.

As for prevention there is and there is educational class es(i took it in my school) and I think Sex ed is not mandatory in the states or is it?

I also dont believe tax payers moeny should go to lazy welfare blugers either. The government in that case should train thoughs people in feilds that suit thier abilities, tax payers would rather see than happen, no doubt.

There was a girl on a site, she said she had 2 pregnacy scares, she was 15 or there abouts and i cannot beleive she didnt learn frm the 1st mistake on this site alone there are way to many teen pregnacy questions. seriposuly if these kids were so smart and mature like they claim to be the would not get themselves into such messes.

Honeslty, i had a pregnacy scare once when i was 16, never EVER made that same mistake again.

question: you were a teen girl and were raped would you abort the baby? because u were raped?

Answer #20

I actually do know someone who was raped as a young teen and kept the baby..I can see where your point of view is coming from, but your argument is weak. You are in your right to have your opinion….Just don’t get your hopes up of it happening anytime soon. If the government makes abor.tions mandatory for certain situations, they must make provisions for those who can’t afford it. I highly doubt the majority of tax payers will go for that, leaving the government to deal with some nasty protests and bad press.

Answer #21

i asked should it be? did say it must? I know its never gonna happen but i asked the question outta curiosity becasue there are so many teen having unplanned pregnacies, and as a Tax payer myself Id rather let my taxes go towards an ab-ortion than have to pay welfare for both the kid and mother.

so if the can or cannot afford it it dont bother me in that repect.

but the major reason i ask is cuz i see heck of a lot of teen pregnancy questions and teens claiming to be mature , smart and what not. So yeah If i pushed the wrong buttons on some ppl like u said in a previous comment Suck It Up lol….

I also like seeing how people recact and reply to such answers and its interesting and fun for me too :)

Answer #22

@poo granade: you know so far you have made no legit arguments towards why the children should be aborted only opinions and it has been proven from your question your the only one for it. As for being raped yes I would keep the child, the child was an after effect sure many women probably get rid of it but that is their decision. A lot of the teen mom’s don’t go on welfare they do programs like wic and what not. Yeah they get money from the government to run these programs but its a small percentage compared to war. You want most of the tax payer money ask for the wars to stop. You say everyone has access to sex education and it is mandatory in austrailia just because you got it does not mean the rules didn’t change. In the states the schools stopped because of parents. This problem has happened on a international level for every 10 highschools only 3 are teaching a PROPER sexual education course. And to be honest I feel you are sick to let your tax paying money going towards destroying a child’s life and possibly messing up the mom than you are at letting the girl make her own decisions. It takes an adult to raise a baby and an adult to choose what is best for said baby if mother’s instinct says to raise it then she is set on raising the baby. Btw most teen moms who get financial aid only get it for the first year or so of the baby’s life by then a good amount have found a job to do.

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