Should some or all drugs be legalized?

Personally, I am in favor of legalizing pretty much all drugs for adults. I would consider exceptions to that - if there are drugs that cause you to become violent for example, but I doubt many such exceptions would apply.

Answer #1

I would legalize weed, shrooms, dmt…stuff that actually open your mind (with the irght use)…that’s what actually happened…by the 60’s people were actually concerned with what was going on and the erroneous decisions the government made…and its not all due to drugs but a lot of these make you see everything a different way, you stop being blind to your surroundings…now the government doesn’t want that…they wan you numb and unable to think for your own…so they made it illegal…by the way I am up for “natural” drugs…no coke,.crack, heroine and other nasty stuff for me : ) PLUR

Answer #2

I think anything between consenting adults should be legal including recreational drugs. They should be regulated though. Don’t sell to kids, make sure the drugs are what the label says with respect to dossage and purity, and of course there should be some level of taxes on them (similar to the way cigaretes and alcohol are taxed).

Answer #3

only pot should be legalized, you wouldnt want heroin to get to people… maybe lsd, and MDMA since they already were before 1975 (damn I should have been born in the fiftys :P)

Answer #4

Yes. Legalize all vices. Take them out of the personal domain of those beyond the reach of the long arm of the law. Remove any restrictions. Turn them over to laissez faire capitalism.

I think it would hasten affordable healthcare as well.

Answer #5

people are going 2 do it weather they want them 2 or not so I think all drugs should be leagal and be sold like cigs so they can be taxed

Answer #6

I would be in favor, it being illegal really doesn’t stop anyone from getting it so might as well legalize it.

Answer #7

* “If you’re referring to heroin, crack or coke, give your head a shake - these drugs have an incredibly addictive property, and legalizing it would cause huge problems. If people are allowed to get them legally, there’s going to be a whole whack of people that will be so wasted that they cannot function safely.”

Is this not already a problem? Criminalizing these substances has not stopped these problems. Most people are not stupid enough to try these types of drugs, and those that are that stupid, are stupid enough to do it whether they are legal or not. Does it really make sense to incarcerate people who’s only crime is frying their own brains?

There is a common misconception that passing laws causes problems to go away.

Answer #8

I really dont think any drugs should be legalized because most people who use them cant act like civil human beings things like crime, rape, car accidents, suicide and many worse things will rise in numbers not to mention that drugs destroy your brain and cause not only health but also mental problems the world is bad enough will all these teens out drinking, we dont need to add drugs to that

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Answer #10

Prohibition has already been tried and it failed miserably. Yes, all drugs should be legalized.

Answer #11

NONE they should all be legal!!!

Answer #12

id rather see drugs legalized than alcohol

Answer #13

yes, but of course there should be an age limit possibly 21. Alchohol has much worse effects on your personality then most drugs do. Not to mention is more dangerous. And yet alchohol remains perfectly legal, and the drugs arent.

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