Should I take serious measures?

Hi I’m really scared right now I just found out someone was murdered and thrown in the brush on the path where I go for walks. I’m a stay at home wife and I only have a lil dog to warn me of danger! I would go get 2 rowilers if I could but landlord says no.I live on private acerage but there is a bar like 3 mins away.And I am soo scared b/c 5 mins the other way ther’s a gunshop.I don’t own a gun and I’m too scared to buy one.They freak me out.I don’t know how to drive and my mom and dad sheltered me and always kept me away from the news.I don’t have any good locks on my doors but I do have storm windows over the reg windows.My landlord’s scary and lies constantly and I’m looking for a house to rent/buy right now b/c I’m too scared to stay here.Does anyone know what I should do? Last time I got scared I bought a mini fridge and put it in my room then put the dresser and bed up against the door.I have an attatched bathroom so I was good to go.This really scares me does anyone know what I should do in the meantime?It will take a bit to find a house right now b/c of the compettition right now.The person/people shot the guy sideways through the head yesterday morning at 9:32 am.It was a random murder and that’s why I’m sooo scared.I usually for the past year I have lived here don’t even go into my own yard.It’s not safe!WHAT DO I DO?!

Answer #1

Start thinking more positive. Negative events are not too likely to happen to you unless you purposefully place yourself in harms way. For example, I wouldn’t go out walking alone at night.

Most likely the shooting wasn’t really random but even if it was, you can’t go hiding from life just because of a single event.

You sound like you’ve really led a sheltered life. This means that you are more prone to lacking confidence in the world around you when you hear these negative things in the news.

Remember, you mostly only hear negative things in the news because that’s what sells newspapers. The world really isn’t as bad as the news would have you believe.

Be positive, think positive and do positive and start enjoying life free from the hangup of always being afraid.

Answer #2

*Have family/ friends over frequently.

*Do not try to keep the same schedule as to company coming say at 9am every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mix up your routine everyday.

*Dont walk alone.

**Stay positive!

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