Is there really nothing that takes grease stains out?

I work at a food stand at a race track, I work as a cashier but I tend to get grease on me anyways. I have the stains all over my shirt and it makes me feel like such a dirt ball even though my shirt always gets washed after I wear it. I know people are going to look and understand because of where I work - but I still feel dirty regardless because of the stains. The shirt is a medium blue colour. Is there seriously anything to take those stains out?

Answer #1

Remove grease from clothes. Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy work clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular wash cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains.

Answer #2

Goo Gone works well. Squirt it on the stain and immediately wash it in the hottest water the fabric can tolerate.

Answer #3

this stuff called Les Oil it is thick. My mom used it to get all of the grease of her jumpsuit. She is a truck driver and gets all type of crap on her from hauling whatever.

Answer #4

omg my mom bought goo gone.. never tried it yet… yah im a big help.. ! lol Lets just say I got grease all over he rnew car and she went crazy

Answer #5

I was told you can use dish liquid soap to “cut through grease”!

Answer #6

Yes…Clorox makes a stick product (looks like a roll-on) that is applied directly to the stain prior to washing. I’m a biker, and I have used it to get motorcycle oil and grease out of clothes. The stuff works very well, especially if you don’t let the grease set in, like for days and days…but get it into the wash as soon as you can.

Answer #7

Try GO-JO…I don’t know if it is avail in canada…but it is widely avail in the US at locations like walmart and kmart in the automotive dept. or check your local automotive parts stores. the product was originally designed to remove tough auto grease from mechanic’s hands…but it has directions on the side for using as a laundry aid for removing grease. good luck!

Answer #8

Try using dish washing soap. Yep, especially grease fighting formulas, then washing it like normal.

Answer #9

rub washing up liquid into the grease stain with alittle water then wash as normal

Answer #10

mMm a grease bath.

Answer #11

Why not just soak the whole shirt in grease?

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