Should I send my child to sorensons ranch school?

Should I send my child to sorensons ranch school in utah?

Answer #1

I went to sorensons about 4 years ago, and for the kids that say how horrible it was and all the abuse they did, thatss crap! yeah if you really messed up you would be in orange and had to sleep in MPR, and rarely would you have to sit on the edge of the bed, but when you did, it was for about an hour. I ranaway and stole a car and didnt have to do that, I was just orange for a week, level one for a week, then I got my act together and became leven 5 for 4 months then I went home. kids who talk crap about it are just immature, grow up! sorenson’s changed my life for the better.

Answer #2

I do not recommend Sorensons Ranch. ~ Dore E. Frances, M.A., Advocate / Therapeutic Consultant.

Answer #3

does he/she want to go?

Answer #4

Hello my name is jason.I was sent there from 98-2001.It was the WORST enviroement and treatment I have ever had in my entire life to this day.I never had a criminal record…that is untill I went to sorensons ranch! I broke into a house,destroyed it and stole a 4wheeler in their garage and tried to get away but was caught.I even told the cops to just keep me,for I did not want to return to that hell hole.One day while in ISOLATION,( WHICH IS WHERE you SIT ON THE END OF your BED FROM 6AM-10PM LIGHTS outside and they even tell you when to shower and use the bathroom,and when to even drink water,I was even told one time I was thirsty after a shower that I should have drunkin the shower water and to go sit down! And the most shocking that happened to me in isolation is when my back hurt sooo bad from sitting up(MIND YOU I WAS IN THERE FOR NEARLY 2 MONTHS FOR MY AWOL INCIDENT),I was told yo sit up by a man named JR SORENSON,I complied with a lil moan and groan and the next thing I knew I was being chocked by both his hands on the bed and being shakin up and down,mind you the other 2 staff memebers turned their head away.When I tried to tell my parentsa on the phone..they dissconnected the call and I was sent back to my room.Another incident is when I didnt have my shoes and I borrowed my friends from my cabin..once again JR sorenson,saw those werent my shoes and sent me outside BAREFOOT along the fenceline to stand… IN THE SNOW IN 13 DEGREE WEATHER.I’ve seen about everything from kids being restrained for saying no.. meaning they bend the shiit out of your wrist untill your quote “ CALM”. When she continued to cry,he pushed harder and told her to stop crying.I was denied the right to see the doctor and go to bed during activites while I had the flu because they thaught I would go awol.PEOPLE I HAVE MANY STORIES ABOUT SORENSONS Rnch. PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL!

Answer #5

I went to Sorenson’s Ranch in 1988-1989. I live a productive life now, but I cannot say that I’ve ever fully recovered from my experience there. It’s been over 20 years and I still think about some of the things I saw and experienced at Sorenson’s. Perhaps it’s a different place now, I don’t know, but back then it was a rough place to be. A week felt like a year in Sorenson’s and I feel for some of the kids that were most affected. Do some careful research before sending your child there.

Answer #6

Do not send your child to Sorenson’s Ranch. I don’t know if I will ever recover from the horrible things I have gone through there. Sorenson’s is a profit organization; they are interested in your money, not your children. Please do not allow yourself to be manipulated by their clever administrators, such as Layne Bagley, or their website.

Answer #7

To lance 81- You are full of crap. I was sent to sorensons in 2001, and during my stay was put in isolation for a week, where I was required to sit at the end of the bed and stare at a wall. You cant lay down on the bed or even lean on the wall next you, all day for a week. I was only fourteen when I was sent there and on my first night a boy from isolation exposed himself to me, this happened on two more occasions. The enviroment is by no means therapeutic. Sorensons is taking advantage of parents who have lost control of their children. They pay five grand a month to have their kids forced in to labor. You only speak with a real tharapist once every two weeks. I am sure there are effective and ethical treatment facilities for teens, this is not one of them. It is a program run purely for profit, and boy do they profit. They charge the parents a ton and give the kids nothing. The staff are undertrained locals, not specialist trained to deal with at risk youth. Like I said earlier, your child only sees a therapist once every week or every other week. The service the ranch provides by no means constitutes what the parents are paying. For what the ranch does a parent should be paying no more than 2000 a month. The ranch’s website makes it appear as if your child spends all day riding horses and doing fun activities, yeah right that would mean they would actually have to spend some of the money the parents are giving them. In fact you get the chance to ride horses maybe twice a month, the rest of the time you are at the ranch getting fed welfare food, and being harrased by the other students. The ranch rarely does any activity that costs money. Sorensons ranch school is a business and their goal is profit, not helping teens.

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