Should I buy an iPhone?

I know that first edition electronics usually have a lot of kinks in them. Should I jump on the bandwagon and buy an iPhone now, or give it a few months to make sure all the bugs are fixed, and maybe the price will drop a little, too?

Answer #1

ill just say, i have one. ITS AMAZING!!! it just depends if your willing to put in that much money. Its an apple so its dependable. Its an Ipod so it works and its very durable. I would say BUYIT! but from AT&T dont trust e-bay witrh stuff like that! I hope you got one!

Good luck…

Answer #2

Yeah, but if you wait a little while, the price will come down just like everything else.

Answer #3

I would wait. Everyone knows the “right out of the gate” phones are the most expensive. Wait until the furor dies down, and the price will drop too. Right now you have people trying to sell on ebay and craigslist for a HUGE hyped up price just like the did for the PS3’s and the Wii’s at christmas.

Answer #4

Well, considering how many features the fone has, ur battery power will suc, so ull b standin near a wall plug all day lol Nd I bet it’ll over heat from all the s*hit that’s on it. The price will stay the same 4 about a year, so if u can wait a year, then u dnt rlly need it that bad, cuz they’ll probably come out with somethin even better, than that. But hey, watever floats ur boat. I just dnt no y u wud jump on the bandwagon, just cuz every1 else has 1. 400 bucks rlly aint worth a fone that has so many bugs nd defects on it but w.e. its ur money. Hope I helped! (Probably didn’t lol)

Answer #5

Those people on Ebay are fools. Why buy from there when you can walk into any apple or AT&T store and buy directly. There is not a shortage of these phones.

As I said before. The iPhone is different from regular cellphones. For the most part to get new functionality, Apple will send out a software update which will automatically get into the iPhone through iTunes.

Its not like regular cellphones where you wait for an update to to a brand new phone itself. The software does the update on this one.

Answer #6

Well, the beautiful thing about the iPhone is that its software driven.

If you own an iPod, then you know that every now and then Apple sends down upgrates to the iPod to increase functionality and fix any bugs.

I would wait for another week or two to see if there are any hardware issues (phone getting too hot, batteries dying quickly, etc) before doing anything. But from what I have been hearing so far, it seems that there are no basic hardware issues so far. So waiting another week just to be safe is a cool idea.

Answer #7

just wait untill another versoin thats better and upgraded comes out

Answer #8

HELL NO IT COSTS 650 american dollars

Answer #9

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