Who is planning on buying the iphone 4 when it's released in august?

I never had an iPhone because I don't want an AT&T contract. I'm lucky that I got an iTouch for my birthday so I can still use apps. But for those Apple geeks out there, who is already pre-ordering the iPhone 4?

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Here's the pic, since it doesn't show up on this page.

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Not me. I just cant bring myself tobuy a phone that doesnt have a full keyboard. I have an samsung impression through at&t, i can do almost anything that an iphone can and i still have my slide out full keyboard.

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Already pre-ordered mine :-)

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How am I not surprised, gadget man? I can't afford the phone or the AT&T plan -- I'm sticking with my trusty iTouch.

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I'll stick with my Droid whenever I can get it back. The last one went into the toilet :( Luckily, I had insurance and only need a deductible :)

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i dont do apple haha i watched a vid a week or so ago of them claiming to have invented video calls on this iphone4 which is a bare faced lie as i had video calls on my n95 in 2007.. i wonder what theyll invent next, the wheel or sliced bread is my guess

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