Can i ride horses and shower on my period?

Should I ride horses while on my period oh and can you take a shower on your period I mean whoulden't it be messy

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Hey guys this poor kid is just asking a question that not everyone would know the answer to give her a break.
Yes you can shower on your period. There is no problem at all there so wash away. As for horse ridding that is not a problem either. If you get really heavy periods I would recomend you get some pads for heavy flow so you dont have to be worried about it leaking if thats what your concern is.
If you have anything else you would like to ask about that may be embarrasing for you just fun mail me. I have a 13yrold so I understand these things. mel xx

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Of course you need to take a shower, especially on your period. You want to stay as clean as possible. Just take showers and baths were you sit in water cause that would get pretty gross. If you only want to take one shower a day I suggest you get pads with the wipes.

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Well no duh you have 2 take a shower I mean how gross is it 2 not take a shower for days?when I'm on my period I take like 3baths/showers a day it relaxes you a lot so try as 4 da horse umm I wouldn't know

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hiya yes you can horse ride lol I have had horses all my life its a bt unconfortable bt managable

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ummm...ride a horse on your period??...dunt noe how to answer that cause there's not much horses where I live...hehehe!! but it is to be said that exersise is good on your period (I'd count horse back riding as an exercise) you should be fine!! as for taking a shower... of course you can, it's a good idea if you do so...keeps you clean and from what I'm told it finishes up your period a bit faster if you wash it!!

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you mean take 3 showers a day I useally take 1 each day.

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yes I have, it felt sooo weird but it's fine

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ok I'm just going to say it I need to know. how whould you take a bath I mean your bleeding everywhere.

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yes of course you can.

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well it's just been a couple months ago since I started and I don't know how.

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