How to get the neighbor to stop shooting my dogs?

I have a neighbor that shoots my dogs with a B.B. gun. I have called and an officer came out. He said there wasn’t anything he could do because no one saw him do it. He also said to buy security cameras and put them up. I am on disabilty, and can’t afford to buy new ones. I have had to call serval times about this neighbor harrassing my family. Anyone have any good ideals? Need help please!!! My dogs are on a tie-out, and only 1 is out at a time.

Answer #1

Possible solution: Put up a solid fence, 10ft tall on his side - then if you see him peering over the top with his gun - snap a picture as evidence and press charges…I wish you and your dogs the best !!

Answer #2

Start to keep a accurate record when this idiot comes out of his home (time of day or night, etc.) and have your phone in your hand to call 911. Hopefully if he shoots the 911 operators will here it in the back round. Then after that, call your local humane society and lodge a complaint against your neighbor. Believe me, they will do more to help you then anything else. They take this very seriously. Be prepared to go to court, because that is where it will end up. After your neighbor gets enough tickets and fines through the courts (as he or she will), they should quit. You will get help, because the police will get tired and the judge will go berserk (they hate these types of cases) and the Humane Society will finish this idiot off. If you need anymore info, E-Mail back, I’ll give you my address, I went through this exact type of thing and it ended up costing my neighbor around $40,000.00. She left town. Good luck and let me know what happens.


Answer #3

the thing you need to do is call and report animal abuse on your neighbor. they won’t send out a police officer they will send out people that deal with animals.

Answer #4

what you could do is call the police and tell them that there is a suspicious man with a gun outside your house and you think your life is at risk and he will end up going to jail and then he will leave you alone

Answer #5

I also put in a fenced in yard in the back, but they can’t run in it anymore either. I have to keep them close to the house so that I can keep an eye on them.

Answer #6

I do bring them in, but they have to go to the restroom some time. He did it at night when you can’t see. I put up security lights, but that only helped him see them better.

Answer #7

First, I think that maybe you should call an officer out there and ask for their help to get to the bottom of it. I wouldn’t go over there alone and ask what the problem is since this person already has a violent attitude. If that doesn’t solve the problem I would make a production of getting a pellet gun myself and going out WITH my dogs. Then gradually move closer to the house every time you let them out. After some time, sit just inside the door with the gun. Eventually your neighbor will still be scared that you are there and MIGHT do something if he shot your dogs again and you’ll be inside the house doing whatever you like…I’ll pray for the animals and the soulless person shooting them!

Answer #8

First…have you ever gone over to the neighbor’s and ASKED him what it is about your dogs that seems to bother him?? Once you’ve made a “neighborly” attempt to stop it, the cops might listen better…

Have your dogs been hit with any of the bebee’s? I wonder, could he be pumping up a pellet gun without the pellets, and just popping off the air? I’d call the cops EVERY time you hear him shooting off the gun…the old adage, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”…comes to mind. This way it’ll also be documented…over and over, should one of your dogs get hit…


PS…you might have gotten a cop who was just getting off duty, so maybe just getting a different cop might make a difference…who’s to say this guy might not accidently hit a kid???

Answer #9

get a gun and shoot out his windows, probably not the best idea. but seriously, is it a young kid or something. Or you really pissed him off, or your dogs did somehow. He’s not just shooting your dog for no reason, unless he’s a little crazy. But since you called the cops I bet he’ll lay low. I would personally take that as a declaration of war and do anything and everything to that fcker. Shoot my dog and id drag him out of his house to bury his face in dog sht

Answer #10

“He’s not just shooting your dog for no reason, unless he’s a little crazy.”

ok well thats a load of rubbish. dont you understand that some people are just cruel? my neighbours didnt do anything wrong and neither did their cat, but their cat got a firework strapped 2 its collar and it was set off. FOR NO REASON. wow and people throw rocks at my cat, its just horrible people being mean. they dont need a reason

Answer #11

well not with a real gun but get a paintball gun or an airsoft gun

Answer #12

thats mean of your neighbor just ummm hmmm borrow someone elses.

Answer #13

Borrow a video camera and make it your mission to get this on tape with sound.

Answer #14

just shoot him

Answer #15

You have to keep an eye on your animals when you let them out.

This is serious stuff!

God’s Best to you. :) SHangy!

Answer #16

BRING your DOGS INSIDE your HOUSE!!! I mean what he is doin is pretty darn bad, but if the only thing your going to do is call the police then why do you even bother doin that?? Maybe if you bring them in then he wouldn’t be able to shoot your dogs and he will get used 2 that.

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