Do you think he might be on drugs or something?

My boyfriend Taylor has been acting really weird latly. :( Its like he is distant,

his parents kicked him out a few weeks ago and they said some really mean things to him. He is 19 but he has been drinking a lot since he left home. And he just used to drink everyonce in a while and he was just funny but now when he drinks all the time and he is kinda mean.

I really love him…a lot! And I don’t know what to do. I’ve been trying to talk to him about it a little bit at a time. But he looks at me differnent now and its like he doesnt love me as much as he used to, and he keeps blowing me off. But he still says all the sweet thing hes always said and he says that he loves me a lot. He was my ‘first’ and I was his and I know he isnt using me. But something is definatly wrong.

I hung out with him today but he seemed really unhappy and he is acting REALLY strange and he only stayed for a little while then he ditched me to go party.

And he told me he had a place to live…but I found out he is sneaking into his friends house. And he is still on the streets.

I think he is really depressed. :( And I’m really worried Is it the drinking or is there something else going on like is he on drugs or sumthing? because he sleeps a lot during the day. What should I tell him? I cant give up on him because I REALLY care about him but im really confussed!

I will do ANYTHING to help him.

Answer #1

hey, yea if he was acting like that before he got kicked out I don’t know what to say. but if it started after we he started drinking more then its prob the booze. im 15 but I no all about drinking. so he may need like therapy if he cant stop drinking on his own. but just try and help him stop and see what happens.

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