Do you think companies are putting drugs in the water?

There have been reports on this, and I just heard of this yesterday. I know they stick fluoride in the water, but there was talk o mood altering drugs.

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companies are doing lots now days... its hard to say.. but yes

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Companies do not stick fluoride in the water, the government does. And what exactly do you mean by mood altering drugs? And why would they be wasting money by putting drugs in the water? Yes, they have been finding increasing levels of psychoactive drugs (not the same thing as mood altering) drugs in the water, theres no evidence that companies are the cause.

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This is why I ask the question, cause I did not know, and did not feel like looking it up, sorry if this bothered you, and if it did, don't answer. If you look at the video below.

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Drugs in water?

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Yes I have seen the report, none of it contradicts what I just said? In fact it confirms what I just said. I also did answer your question.
Would you have preferred I phrase it differently? Im not sure what the issue is? I was asking questions in case you had further information i was unaware of, apparently not...

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everyone is technically putting drugs into our water.. ppl who flush their pills are also affecting the water

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is this true ?

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I do not know, that is why I asked.

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Hey here is another drugs in the water.

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