What does seat belt safety do to your body?

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Saves ur life

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stope you from flying out of the car but strapping your body in.

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when accident happens in most of the cases the victims suffer serious head injuries ,i think thats why law recommends seat belts must

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Seat belt safty was orginally made to help avoid injurys of flinging through the windshield or hitting your head on anything. Although in my opneion they tend to give more damage. My little cosins were in a car wreck awhile back and when the seat belts tightned up they cut deep into there shoulders and chest. Now they refuse to wear them even though there only 7 and 9. So it's kinda a mixed ordeal of you can fly through your winshield, or get cut accross the chest. I'd take the cut.

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The only thing a seatbelt is made for is to keep you in the car, that's why you should always wear one.

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