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do you really think President-elect Obama will get assassanaited (I dont know how to spell it!!) or are people just saying because he's half black and somebody who's rascist will kill him??

and do you think John Mccain is really that old?? he's only 72- I mean c'mon people, he's not old. or are people just saying that because he was too old to run for president??

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There have been a number of assassination attempts against recent presidents. Because of this the Secret Service is very careful about public access to the president.

There are nutjobs who want to kill any president and no doubt there are a few more who want to take out President Obama because of his race but I still have faith in the Secret Service's ability to keep him safe.

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well, if obama did really great deeds, karma wouldn't come back to him. if he did some bad things but paid off for it, karma will return.

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usually the reason why prez get killed is because of something political. I guess theres a death sentence if race is political

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for every presendent there had been talk about assasination if mccain would have won it wouldve been the same thing. theres always people willing to kill to get what they like

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A lot of presidents have a chance of being assassinated, but I guess Obama has more of a chance because he's black. But chances are, he isn't going to be assassinated.

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I can't predict the future, but Obama does have a greater chance of getting assinated than McCain would have, but it doesn't mean he neccisarily will.

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There is always the possibility but not that likely, people normally assassinate on basis of political philosophy. As for McCain yes he was old and the leftist argument isnt all that hard to understand. Keep in mind that the presidency is an extremly stressfull job. As hard as it is being conservative to admit it, he would have aged rapidly. All presidents do, its a fact of life that when you are stressed more your body ages more. All presidents look great durring their first years but as time goes by they get very worn down.

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No, probably not, because Pesident Obama has a lot if bodyguards... hes protected

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I don't think he'll get assassinated, because only the government can kill him by hiring a professional serial killer (since he probably has a lot of bodyguards) and it needs/uses him to control people. And even if he does die, he will just be replaced by another pawn.
I'm not worried about Obama's safety, I'm worried about the safety of people...

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