Why am i so scared to eat in front of people?

LOL..i know its kind-of weird,but i wasn't always like that, is it like a teenager thing? cuz it started when i was older like maybe 13? idk but ya , i cant eat around people unless its at my house or a friends house, but in restraunts and at school, where there are a thousand other people there, is really scary to me. and i only like to eat in front of my friends if its something small,like i wont eat a full meal in front of anybody,except my family and my boyfriend,cuz if i don't, he gives me a suuper long ass lecture and gets upset and then doesn't talk to me for like 2 days lol its really weird, but i don't have an eating disorder , cuz i do eat,..just not in public, so don't even think about saying that lol

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I think its a teenager thing and a fear of feeling as though people r watchin u eat, I had the same prob many many moons ago

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yeah its a sort of teenage thng,,,

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it could be a sign of having Social phobia...

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probably just and teen thing or a disorder idk i dont care about eating in front of people and im 14 almost 15 i eat in class and everyone looks at me and if they ask me why im eating i say im hungry

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