Why do people stop eating?

My friend lost a lot of weight and I was talking to her about it and she admitted that she just stopped eating for a while. How does anyone go for days without food? Why do some people do that to themselves? I'm in psychology but we haven't learned about it yet, and I want information in case my friend keeps doing this. Now we go to different schools so I don't talk to her as much but im gunna try. Any info?

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Here's a site on helping a friend: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/eating_disorder_treatment.htm

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Information on eating disorders:


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The body has developed a mechanism for dealing with periods of starvation... ofcourse at the beginning the person gets hungry, but if you ignore those hunger pangs long enough you literally stop being hungry... my eating habits are so awful sometimes I'll go 24 hours without realizing that I havent eaten... so it really isnt that hard to do it...
As for why do people do that to themselves, it usually starts as a way to lose weight, and then people just stop seeing what they really are... what you see and what they see are two different things, remember perception is relative... there is no real objective reality when it comes to seeing things... so they may see themselves as fat... and then control is sometimes a factor when it comes to these things... it's their way of keeping control when they cant really control anything else... it's complicated...

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