Do people eat raw cocoa beans?

I know theyre extreeemely good for you. Ummm do you eat them raw? If so, do

You chew them? Umm I've had raw cocoa and it was really bitter.. I'm starting the

Raw-foods diet .. But I dont understand eating raw cocoa beans.. Whether to chew

Or not to chew... ??? I know the benefits of them now so now I wanna eat them but

I also wanna know how to eat them without cooking. Anyone know?

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You just chew them or find an organic chocolate bar...

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Just have a bar of chocolate :)

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Hi:) yeah, I eat raw cocoa beans every day:) I chew them, and eat them with almonds, with ratio 1 bean per 3 almonds.. when you first start you may not like it (its really bitter, I almost vomited the first time), so I recommend starting with half of a bean with like 10 almonds, maybe you can throw it into yogurt, and as you will be changing the ratio over the time, u'll eventually start to like it:) to me, it tastes like chocolate now:)

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