What do you think about San Francisco banning toys in happy meals and other kids meals?

It was just passed that fast food chains in san francisco such as McDonalds can no longer provide toys in their kids meals because it entices children to eat unhealthy meals. I think this is absurd…i dont see how they are punishing fast food places for parents bad habits and allowing their children to over indulge.

Answer #1

I think you r very rite, its up to the parents wat the children eat not the fast foo chain, u can also buy the toy without buyin the happy meal, that a good idea, to have the choice of buyin healthy food and still b able to get the toy

Answer #2

dumb….. I loved the toys! lol but my parents bareley let me get buger king or any place that is known for lots of fried things.

Answer #3

I agree, I think they have completely gone insane with this whole issue. I am all for better healthier meals but why punish the kids by taking away their toys…it’s just wrong!
Tomorrow they will say well no more fast food places because it makes everyone obese…I mean seriously what ever happened to freedom here?!
The way I see it, Parents are the ones using fast food as a way to just get rid of the burden of cooking meals so called due to lack of time…my answer to that is: “Make the damn time as you would when your boss tells you to come in 30 mins earlier because he needs to attend an event so you put your life on hold to meet your bosses needs…what about your damn kids…Dont they deserve better then just fast food every single night of the week!?”

Lets face it…Cut out the BS and seriously look at the situation, why should all kids have to suffer because of other parents…its wrong…it’s just wrong! :(

Personally I dont eat fast food today…but as a kid I did hv it at least once in a while like 3-4x a month sometimes longer if we just didnt hv money for it…but I mean dont abuse it for a cheap meal every single night…that is just causing ur kid to wind up obese in the long run! Just my 2 cents here! No offense to anyone!!!

Answer #4

I agree!

Answer #5

i personally agree.. its wrong to take that privelage… i see what the people who banned this are trying to tell us… but they shouldnt bann it .. it is completely absurd… even though i hate unhealthy meals like some of these fastfood restaurants…. and its not that i hate it i just prefer having healthier food.. i have burger king like 3x a year! and i dont complain.. i like it but i wouldnt get it more frequently… i still disaprove how they should take the toys from the kids…. i mean think of it this way.. the kids DIDN’T do anything wrong.. the parents are the ones who but the food anyways

Answer #6

I think that they’re going a little too crazy on things these days. Yes, kids enjoy the toys. If the parents say no and have a understand how much is an appropriate limit, though, this should not be an issue. It all comes down to what the parents allow. It’s silly that they’re doing this.

Answer #7

Its kinda a good thing… but for them to remove toys, its no fun. Their gunna lose business. Its up to the parents to know whats right for their child & whats not right for their child.

Answer #8

As compared to expecting parents to be able to say no to your kid (it is possible, my parents did it all the time when i was a kid), I suppose it is one solution. Since we can’t go around making sure parents have to pass a test before becoming parents.

Answer #9

Oh my gosh that’s insane! When I was little, I didn’t eat much fast food, but when I did it was a big deal! I used to love getting yummy food AND a TOY! That’s so sad. Adults these days don’t realize how much joy a simple toy can give a child. Mc donalds allows you to swap chips for a salad and coke for a water though, so it’s all up to the parents, what the child eats. It has nothing to do with the freekin toy! Ugh!

Answer #10

Yeah I think that they should try selling the toys with something healthy instead! Like veggies or somehing :”)

Answer #11

that is such a stupid idea.

“I know lets screw with the fast food places because parents are morons”

I think I have lost a bit more of my faith in humanity. I idea that such a law would even be seriously considered just boggles my mind.

Answer #12

Kids enjoy the toys?I think it’s stupid , its ruining a mcdonalds like tradition.it’s part of the happy meal.it goes back so far.

Answer #13

kids just shouldn’t like eat mcdonalds everyday and if they do it’s their parents choice to give that stuff to them.

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