Who has got a very sad life story they'd like to tell me?

I need an idea for a song, but i’m only good at writting about depressing things. If I end up turing your story into a song, i’ll compose music on guitar for it too and probably post a video of myself playing it for you! So give me some sad stories! Heaven Stublefield told me a story of hers that I turned into a poem. :) It was pretty cool.

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funmail it to me?

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Yay! I need tons of detail, though!

Answer #4

You can ask questions as needed…I gave you an outline

Answer #5

i was born.. thats my sad life, lol :D

Answer #6

I’ve had a great life. But it all started going wrong the day I was born…. Lol, just kidding :D

Answer #7

Well, my mom used to beat me cos she was an alcoholic and my twin died. Yeah. Not that I’m moaning. x] I make it sound like a good thing but you’re right, the best inspiration comes out of some pretty sad stuff. x]

Answer #8

“It is a pain like no other when I wake up and realize I am still alive. It is a torture that cannot be ignored when I try to breathe, forcing down every breath. Keeping myself alive so others will not feel the pain I have felt. I am so scared, It is so dark in here, in my heart. I wish I could stop feeling, I wish people didn’t stare. I wish I didn’t feel numb, the pain increasing when I try to feel for my heart. Why do they all look at me? Why must they laugh, as they await the tears that will never come. I’m so tired, but I cannot sleep. Instead I wait for the day when relief will come for, the day my heart stops beating. The day I stop breathing, the day I stop feeling. The day when I turn cold. The day when I stop wishing.” Here’s something I wrote when i was depressed. I was going through some stuff, and yeah.

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Well my mum had cancer when I was eight ^_^ annnnd…my parents wouldn’t talk to me for two weeks after I came out…I got pushed down 3 flights of stairs and broke my wrist? Thinking back, my life is pretty good D:

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i wuld but i dont open up much =D not many ppl kno my story

Answer #11

My sad story is when I got kicked off FA lol

Answer #12

You again? Damn, leave.

Answer #13

No wayyyyy! lol

Answer #14

Ope. Sound the troll alarm.

Answer #15

It’s only a matter of time before you have a bitch fit towards someone again, anyways. Haha.

Answer #16

I thought once you got kicked off you couldnt come back…..

Answer #17

Some people dont get the message right away. So how’s your tattoo healing, Tori?

Answer #18

Did it already come off in the shower?

Answer #19

plus mines more a sad love story

Answer #20

I work at mcdonalds :’( please kill me now

Answer #21

Whatever satanheadbangstometal IDGAF im not here to start fights again im just happy some ppl on FA cared that much to let me back on.

Answer #22

bahahaha, BANGZ YOU HARD

Answer #23

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! Did you ever see the picture I made of that, Lindsey?

Answer #24

yeah :L LOL. oh my dais, love you michelleee<3

Answer #25

See stuff like BANDZ YOU HARD…is what gets me pumped up b ut im not even gone let childish bs like that get to me.

Answer #26

hey, you said it >_>

Answer #27

<3<3<3<3 Haha, it’s her own quote and it’s also a FA ledgend, she should be proud. Bahahahahaha:D

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No fighting little children. Or you shall ALL be kicked. MWAHAHAHHAAAA

Answer #30

My dad died when I was 7 and my sister was 16. I feel that the love on his side of the family died with him because they don’t try and see me and they treat me weird whenever I’m forced to see em. Sad part is I don’t remember my dad too much :/

Yuppp, that’s it . Good luck in yur song :)

Answer #31

At least you have a job!

Answer #32

Well , I was 13 when I started cutting myself…I was really stupid back then and thought it was the only way to get rid of my pain , I didn’t realise that I was hurting not only me , but my family members as well

Answer #33

my life is good,since you want ideas,i have long boring things which no one want to hear,you asked for it,you got it. first sad thing is abou my first love ,sad either, i will make it short as i can i had gf in past i know her since we were kids,at age 10,first we were just friends,then at 13 i loved her,we began dating,she loved me as i did,hugs,kissess,etc. after seven years of love and fun,we had together,he camed,the rich dude,i dont like to mention his name here,call him whatever you want,she fall in love with his money,i dont know until now,that how she did this,she broked up with me and began dating that dude,coz i was poor(i dont mean that i was beggar in street)he has car,every thing which every girl wishes to have,so she left me alone without sayin goodbye,i was in sarrow like 6 months.my friends tried to cheer me up that i can flirt again,she camed to my houise on the other day to give me back my ring which i gaved her,first i couldnt forget about her,but after coming at funadvice,things changed,many members here helped me ,in my question”how to forget someone we really loved and go on hapily on our life”many others funmailed me,then my own friends at my home street helped me,my mum was sad for me,i worked on things which ppl asked me to do on funadvice.i began dating another girl,much pretty,honest,she has real sense of fun,now seeing my past gf sad with that dude,i say in my thoughs that,right ,every thing has it reason behind it,boring boring boring,i know

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Well, my stories not much different from others. Dad was an abusive alcoholic, have no idea where hes at. Mum, basically the same, expect add in the druug addictions. Mum decides shes a lesbian, gets crazy girl friends that sleep with knives, chop off puppies heads, are also addicted to druugs/alcoholics, beats the crap out of an old man living with us, beats the crap out of my mother, tries to beat the crap out of me and my brother I’m so grateful for my oldest brother. My oldest brother piratically raised me and my fraternal twin. Trapped out in loxahatchee without electricity and without that you don’t have running water and most of the time without food and strangers, most of the time homeless or of course my mum is just having sex with them. Doesn’t matter the gender anymore. Most of the people my “mother” brings around usually try something with me. Last time and first time I actually confined into someone about such things Child Protective Service was at my door. Umm, I don’t have friends anymore and my mother just now, after years and years of living like that decided to go on welfare, still waiting for that to go through.. What else? My oldest brother is bipolar, my mum has had cancer like three times now, my twin is a narcissist and I have sever depression. Roflmao and none of us have any high school credits. I’m suppose to be in 11th grade now. Ohh, that’s right, we moved from California to Florida for a family that completely deserted us. I come from a long line of alcoholics and addicts. Hmm, I think that’s like my life basically summed up. I HOPE THAT HALPS.

Answer #35

Wow. You have had it bad. Are you serious?

Answer #36

Naaahhh, I made it all up! Roflmao, no I’m serious… xP

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Answer #38

Lol, I was gunna say!!! :P How unlucky can someone possibly get!

Answer #39

Well if you are still up for writing another. .My parents got divorced when i was 10. My dad cheated on my mom with three other women. I no longer talk to him since he brought some seperation form for my mom to sign. Since then i choose to no longer see him but i lie to him that im too busy too. I have a hard time keeping friends every since then. I can’t open up or i try to find some way just to accuse them of something. Its a subconcious thing. Its like i want to try and find something to blame everyone else that they descieved me. My grandmother is a cancer survivor, but now she has arthritus and diabetes. It’s not the saddest story or the most eye catching but i also write songs, but only lyrics. I cant write music. So if your still up for it. Here’s a true idea :/

Answer #40

Oh yea, i missed one. The seperation form inclusing me and my bro with my dad half a year (Including holidays) and my mom half a year. Thanks giving would be one year with one parent and the other year with the other. Never both :/

Answer #41

hey, their chicken nuggets are freakin awesome… fake, but awesome. =p

Answer #42

wen i lived in tx in 5th grade my house caught on fire but then we rebuilt it into a bigger house so it turned out ok. my aunt took my sisters from me and my mom and wont give them back they are in tx and i dont even c them on holidays somtimes i do but mostly no. i got a crappy tattoo that im stuck with 4 life.

Answer #43

and i have to visit my granny every weeken and the whole week during summer i dont like her

Answer #44

they are horrible, and yeah i know, i’m looking for another one atm but there’s none out there. but i’ll try. as soon as i get another job i’m outta there!

Answer #45

make it into a movie then…

Answer #46

In grade 3 me and my mom got hit by a car And then the car ran over my mom and she was in the hospital for 3 months My mom was abussed when she was young Yup sad years :)

Answer #47

I would be the only person to get so lucky..

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