runaway to concert?

theres a lil wayne concert comin up and I really like him and his music. and I’ve been asking my mom to take me to one of his concerts for two years now and I found that he has a concert now thats in rochester new york to get there I would have to take a train. do yu think I should go to one of his concerts juss by myself and then come back and tell my mom im aiight and safe and everythin or do yu think I should juss deal wit it and miss it

Answer #1

Listen to your mother… if she says no, it’s no… end of story.

Answer #2

I think you should respect your mother and dont go. There will be more lil wayne concerts when you are able to go in the future. Disobeying your mom can get you into more trouble than you want, and what if something happens to your mom while your there, or to you? You’ll never forgive yourself. Hope this helps.

Answer #3

a 14 year old girl has no business being at a lil wayne concert by herself, or any concert for that matter

Answer #4

Although I think rap sucks big time, listen to your mom. Ask if it’s ok as long as you go with some friends. If she still says no, leave it go. Maybe she’ll change her mind… but if not, deal with it. I’m sure there will be PLENTY of other chances for you to go to one of his concerts. And to the people saying 14 is too young to go to a concert… no it isn’t, concerts aren’t as bad as people make them out to be, seriously.

Answer #5

omg dont go

Answer #6

Dont go. You have no idea what happens at concerts.

Answer #7

What if something happens to you? Your mom wouldn’t know where you are… Don’t do it. Just wait till his next tour.

Answer #8

deal with it and miss it at 14, a lil wayne concert is no place for a girl all by herself and its not even safe to be on the train at your age alone there are a lot of sick people out there, and little kids by themselves are extreemly easy targets if something were tyo happen to you, your mother wouldnt have any idea were you were, no one would they all think you were still in your room think about it this way if you were a mother, would you care if our 14 year old child ran away by herself, took a train and went to a rap concert I dont think so also th rap concert may have an age limit, so you might not even be able to get in if you do want to go, ask your parents and go with friends you should never go to a concert by yourself unless your a lot older and even then, its still safe to go with other people you know so for now, if you cant find orther people to go with you, and all there parents consent to this then dont go by yourself a rap concert isnt a good place for a little girl on her own

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