How can I help my son to deal with this teacher?

My son’s teacher is being rude to him and many other boys in the classroom. She called him “cocky”! How can I help my son to deal with this teacher?

Answer #1

Consult with the principal and get the FACTS of the situation - your question is one-sided and it’s not likely the boys are perfect Angels or they have the perfect teacher…Good luck !!

Answer #2

I’m 18, I got a lot of problems with teachers, personally I would suggest you tell your son to stand up for himself, or they’ll continue it, alternatively you could do sumthing I would do and smack em over but thats just me, teachers shouldn’t be rude to students, Mrs K found that out the hard way

Answer #3

Talk to the parents of these other boys first to find out what their sons say. Whether there is a widespread feeling or just your son feeling he is being singled out, there is still a problem. Next arrange a meeting with the teacher (without your son). Do NOT go in loaded for bear. Be reasonable, and simply discuss with her his concerns. Most all teachers are doing their very best to try to teach their pupils. Many are overworked. If the teacher is inappropriate, or your son says that matters have become worse, it’s time to go to the principal. My son actually did have a problem with his science teacher in jr. high, and we got him transferred to another class.

Hope this helps. Good Luck !! p.s. glad to see you funadvice

Answer #4

I wouldn’t consider calling someone “cocky” rude actually. I have a couple students who ARE cocky (and annoying) as hell, though I have never told them that to their face.

My advice would be to not trust your son that much. Set an appointment with his teacher and judge for yourself whether or not she’s a rude bastard. If so, you could complain to the principal. If not, your son is on your own.

Answer #5

You have to make sure first that your child isn’t being cocky. Sure, sometimes they say they are innocent when they aren’t. We all are guilty of thinking our children are angels sometimes.

If the problem is on the teacher’s side, then you need to speak with the teacher. If that doesn’t work you go to the principal, then the administrators, the superintendant, and the school board. If your claim has validity, someone will listen.

Answer #6

Well,if I were you,I’ll definitely complain to the principal.If the principal dont care,make everything big.Sue them.It’s their job to make sure that the students learn in a “clean” environment.I mean,good environment.

Answer #7

Dear funadvice, Well we don’t have any information here. Most boys his age have problems with authority figures. I would adventure to say that he was being cocky in class; meaning he was questioning the teachers authority. This is what some kids do in class. I suggest you talk with the teacher and get their side of the story before you place blame. Sue…good luck

Answer #8

depending on the school and how much you care about your child’s attendance, you gotta make him stick up for himself. im only 14 but I’ve dealt with rude teachers too. after awhile my mom was just like screw it, stick up for yourself. I payed the price of being suspended a few days.. but that teacher never gave me trouble again

Answer #9

Just tell him that he only has to deal with this teacher for one school year. After that, he most likely will never see that teacher again. Well, he will not have to be taught by the teacher anymore!

PS. If your child is failing that teacher’s class, then you might want to go to the school to talk to this teacher and possibly the principal because even though teachers can’t fail students just because they don’t like them doesn’t mean they will not try! Just a warning!!!

Answer #10

any way you slice it a teacher who blames a pupil for being cocky (which is more or less someone who is overly confident) is trying hard to bring this kid down for no good reason.

The very aim of a teacher is to instill confidence and if she/he is a good teacher they can manage to drive the point home with poise instead of resorting to lame adj like ‘cocky’ if in fact the son is at all too cocky for his own good.

The teacher obviously has zero tenure to become a child w/the children.

Don’t let the opportunity go unnoticed.

Answer #11

Has no one even considered that her son might be lying or exaggerating? As a teacher, the last thing I would ever consider to do is bully or be rude to my pupils. So many pupils are constantly disruptive, rude and have a bad attitude and when challenged on it they get extremely defensive and are unable to contemplate why they were challenged on their behaviour. I highly recommend talking calmly and maturely to his teacher before believing your son as I think you will find there is more to this than meets the eye. Teachers are overworked and underpaid as it is, bullying pupils is not high on our priority list.

Answer #12

first, tell him that what the teacher is doing is wrong. then tell your son that he isn’t being cocky at all (if he really isn’t) and it’s just the teacher making things up.

Answer #13

reporting the teacher probably helps though

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