How old do you have to be to ride in the rear seat of a motorcycle with a qualified driver?

Answer #1

There is no age limit, you just have to wear a helmet, be able to reach the foot rests, and be able to hold on to either the rider or the grab rails.

Answer #2

Im assuming you mean the laws for Australia since thats where your profile says you live. Im not sure if the laws are the same for the whole of Australia or if laws vary from town to town like they do in the states, so it would be best to call and ask your local police department or town hall to find out the exact laws. Here in the states it varies from state to state pretty widely, some require ages of 7,9,10, some states have no age limit or certain laws, and some require the passenger just be able to reach the passenger foot pegs with their feet.

Answer #3

My 6 Six Year Old Son Would Ride With My Ex /Husband All Over.. But They Have To Have A Helmet And Hold Onto Something., They Have To Be Able To Reach The Foot thing Too

Answer #4

its mostly about size. are they big enough to reach the pegs and hold on?

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