Should I take revenge by saying something they deserve in my speech?

I’m graduating tomorrow. I was supposed to be the valedictorian and do the valedictorian speech because I’d gotten the highest average therefore highest rank among all the graduates. But because there is a girl in our class whose parents are the principal’s good friends, she got to do the valedictorian speech. And her rank is gosh knows where. (and according to wikipedia:Valedictorian is an academic title conferred upon the highest ranked student among those graduating from an educational institution.) Now, i understand she can do a GRADUATE speech but not a VALEDICTORIAN speech. She also happened to receive the scholarship to a university which was rightfully mine since they were originally picking the student with the highest average to receive it. seems like the principal had a change of heart and decided to give it to someone whose parents he knows. obviously personal relations count more than my average and my feelings. As for me, this is the introduction they put right before I say my speech, “…a hardworking student of the year…” seems good right? wrong! there were 2 other “students of the year” whose personal relations with the principal also got them those titles. none of these people deserve their titles on the academic and non-academic level! all the rest of graduates know this and told me to fight for my right. but i tried and the teacher responsible for our graduation just kept giving me lame excuses “…oh her parents begged for the scholarship…” and thats my so my mom told me to mention this tomorrow at the end of my speech in a polite way as this will embarrass the people involved and that’s what they deserve for being unfair. should I do that? and if i should, how would i possibly write it so as not to embarrass myself?

Answer #1

It will just make you look bitter and jealous…i see no point in it. It wont come out in your favor.

Answer #2

Keep personal att.acks out of it (like the principle, etc…) I can sure understand your bitterness, especially the scholarship. You CAN be pointed without mentioning names or titles…Give that part of your speech on principals above personalities. Don’t come across as po’d about it, but that you’re ABOVE it, and that it won’t hold you back.


Answer #3

No. You’ll just end up looking petty and it wont exactly help you in the long run. And yeah, unfortunately you’ve learned something that just happens to be true. A lot of times, it isnt how much you know, it is who you know. Here’s the thing, if you have the highest GPA, you can apply to other scholarships and have a chance at those.

Answer #4

I see your point. I guess you’re right, it’s always about who you know…

Answer #5

When I was in high school I wondered why I was never selected for the National Honor Society. I had nearly straight A’s, was active in Band, Jazz ensemble, Debate, and Track & Field. I was told that 5 teachers have to recommend you so every semester I talked to my teachers and at least 5 said they would recommend me. Later I learned that the same teacher blackballed every time. The last semester of high school I had her lit class and I asked her. She informed me that in addition to grades and activities students need to demonstrate leadership qualities. I was student conductor of both the concert band and jazz ensemble and I was the only freshman to make to top band and I was 1st chair trombone in both groups my sophomore year on, that sounds a lot like demonstrating leadership qualities to me. I had friends in NHS and I’m not aware of any way they demonstrated better leadership qualities. I think the fact the teacher who blackballed me was a nun and I was an outspoken atheist was the motivation. It wasn’t that I wasn’t a leader, it was that I wasn’t a follower.

In the end not being in NHS wasn’t a big deal; with my ACT scores and grades I easily got into every college I applied to. If I tried to get into a highfalutin school it could have meant the difference between getting in and not.

The same year I graduated we had a tie for valedictorian. Officially there were co-valedictorians but at the graduation the decision was made to only recognize one of the students. All political of course.

Life is not fair. It is too late for any redress here so you have nothing to gain from any remarks you make. In the long run success is the best revenge. If you lead an honorable and successful life you will prove all your detractors wrong.

Answer #6

Young lady, you KNOW the answer to your own question. You are asking for support in your anger. Your mother should guide you toward the rest of your life. You CAN NOT change somethings so do not even try, Be proud of your accomplishments. In 1960 I was a high school drop out in Sept of my senior year with zero credits in English. If your speech is anything like your rambling question then you had better rewrite and stick to one point. There will be people there that are not intersted in your problem but could be moved by a sincere about how your education gave you just enough knowledge to take your first step into the real world. My second wife was a val. at at small high school in 1958, never worked in her life, so lost out on so much. (they did not want any more like her so they not only closed the school they tore it down). her oldest daughter was also a val. and also wasted six years of collage, became a professional mother and then a divorcee. Neither got to give a speech and my brother-in-law was my step-daughters princepal!. Being a val is nothing if you are not mature to stand enough up and say how proud you are of yourself and all of your class mates and wish them a wonderful life and see you at renunion time.

So, young lady, let them remember you for things other than bitterness and hate, thoes things are hard to look past. Best of luck and I wish you LOVE and HAPPINESS and a GOOD LIFE>

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