Redecorating my room

I was thinking of redecorating my room. I want a warm and cozy feeling. It’s now blue and yellow. I plan to put like, a carpet somewhere, and a little shelve in the corner for my books so it’ll be like my little reading corner. And I want to get a new shelve for my tv, because my current one just takes up a whole lot of space. And change my bed, since im growing, and I need more space, my feet just hang at the end of bed when I stretch. I’m not sure what colour I should do. I dont want any greens (my living room and mum’s rooms are green, so im sick of seeing it) and I dont like pink. I was thinking of red, not bright red, like a bit darker red, or maybe yellow, or light orange, or purple, or brown. I need 2 colours, and relaxing ones, and colours that are well, different. What do you think?

Answer #1

Paint colors are one of the most important elements of any room.

The color you paint your walls impacts your mood. Whether or not your mood is positively or negatively impacted depends on the room color.

How can color affect your mood? Whether you are aware of it or not, certain colors evoke different emotions that can either improve, maintain or demote the way you feel.

For instance, while a blue room helps us to relax, a yellow room increases our energy.

Therefore, it is important that you choose the right paint colors for the right rooms. You won’t want to paint the walls of your bedroom sunshine yellow if your bedroom is where you do most of your relaxing, just as you wouldn’t want to paint your kitchen blue where you need energy to cook.

The following is a list of shades and their corresponding moods which you should keep in mind when selecting paint colors:

Black – authority, discipline, strength and promotes independence. Blue – cool, refreshing, relaxing, and promotes feelings of tranquility and peace. Green – balance, refreshing, normalizing, and promotes emotional growth. Orange – cheerful, commanding, and stimulates goodwill, conversation and appetites. Pink – calming, accepting, and encourages affection and socialization. Purple – comforting, spiritual, and generates mystery and a good sense of intuition. Red – empowerment, stimulation, drama, competition and passion. White – purification, energy, unity and gives vigor to other colors it is used in combination with. Yellow – cheerful, expanding, and increases energy.

Now that you have a good idea of how color affects mood, it’s now time for you to carefully consider what active, passive or neutral paint colors are best suited to each room in your home.

First we’ll take a look at active colors.

Active Colors Active colors, also known as warm colors are shades that include red, orange and yellow.

These colors are full of energy, inspire socialization and often have a dominating presence. They can add intensity to small and boring areas of the home such as the entryway.

In addition, active colors are also celebrated for their ability to inspire creativity. Active, warm paint colors are an excellent choice for the kitchen, dining room and office.

Passive Colors Passive or cool colors include purple, blue and green. Unlike their active cousins, these colors have been designed to blend quietly into the background to encourage relaxation and spiritual restoration. Passive paint colors are an ideal choice for bedrooms, a study and bathrooms.

Neutral Colors Neutral colors are not active, passive, warm, or cold. Neutrals are impartial colors that include white, gray, beige and brown.

Neutral shades are often what bring different rooms together to create harmony between the colors within a home. Darker neutral tones have the power to subdue colors, while white has the power to intensify them.

Neutral paint colors can be used for trim and woodwork for every room. These colors are also a great choice for hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchen. Essentially, any room can benefit from a neutral color scheme.

Purple and beige sounds good for you :)

Answer #2

I like the colors Red and Gold together…

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