Redbull does it make you lose weight?

Does Redbull make you lose weight?

Answer #1

IF you decide 2 read the label it does have a high amount of suga intake per can/bottle…thats where you get the energry from in the can. so it makes you gain weight rather than lose it. also it is very bad 2 drink over 1 can/bottle as it could actually kill you to drink more than recommended

Answer #2

it’s an energy drink? not a diet drink,

unless it gives you enough energy to run laps around a track, then no..

wooow. how old are you?

Answer #3

no it does speed up your metabolism and gives you energy but you still have to exercise to get rid of the calories, plus it can curdle your blood

Answer #4

no its an energy drink, not a diet drink its full of ingredients that will only be of some benifit if you actually work up a sweat but it wont make you lose weight, it only replaces nutrients lost so drinking it like you would water wont do anything it will most likley make you put on weight because your body doesnt need all those ingredients in it

Answer #5

Ha yes it is delicious…so then is it fattening ?? like if you have just one can a day??

Answer #6

It is a can of liquid sugar. Go figure.

Answer #7

Nope - does more harm than good.

Answer #8

No. It’s bad for you, actually.

Answer #9

Well pity most of you are right and wrong.

Speaking to a dietrician here and I’ve had many clients use red bull as a source of energy. Yes, correct it does contain a lot of sugar but they are simple sugars (ones which are burnt off quickly). So large amounts will affect you’re health (Stomach ulcers, tooth decay) but weight wise it won’t affect you at all. In many cases Red Bull has been proven to aid weight loss but drinking 5 cans a day won’t replicate this. Red bull is equivalent of a diet pill. Packed with Taurine, Ribose (Two herbs which excite the heart), and caffeine it speeds up heart rate which in essence will burn calories. Its like exercising… Yes you do work general muscles but you’re heart is working much harder to keep the both oxygenated blood and de-oxygenated blood following around the body.

So conclusion - Yes red bull does aid weight loss but its not a supplement to lose weight quickly. (I.E. You can’t just drink it and lose weight, must be combined with exercise and hard work). Negatives, Caffeine in large amounts is bad for you and your heart, exhausion can come from consuming redbull late at night.

Hope this helps


Answer #10

My co-worker used to be 160lbs and she started drinking red bull at least three to four cans a week for about a year and a half now and she is so thin now and everyone keeps noticing her scrubs falling off her waist and she has no but anymore so I have to agree that it does make you lose weight because she is not gaining any weight from drinking red bull. She is 52 years old and I am 37 years old and she has a better body than me! I think I am going to start drinking red bull. I could use the energy anyways since I’ve gained weight and feel so sluggish all the time and it’s hard because I work nights and I get really tired at work.

Answer #11

it will make you GAIN weight its REALLy bad for you

Answer #12

On a side note it is delicious…

Answer #13

EMM… lots of people say that it makes you gain weight or just has no effect on your body weight( stays the same), eventhough I thin that it will definitly make you lose weight because when you have a drink of it, you move and move and move until you burn all calories in it and more of it. so, yeah that what I think, and addition, when you have a drink of it, the caffeine ii your blood increases.. and the more caffeine intake per day, the more calroes you burn… not a serious issue or a good resource though.. so better have more opinions:)!

Answer #14

I used to just drink red bull all day and smoke cigarettes. I never ate…Literally. I went from a healthy weight of 125 to a very unhealthy weight of 105. It gave me an ulcer and acid reflux. Not to mention tooth decay. Red Bull is not a good idea for losing weight.

Answer #15

I am going to partly agree with jburns on this subject. Red Bull does have a lot of sugar in it, which a lot of people are worried about. Red Bull is for short bursts of energy, not for prolonged constant use. But, the ingredients in Red Bull does have a weight loss aid. It contains Vitamins B5 and B12, which helps your body burn fat and turn it into energy. If you work out, and drink a Red Bull in addition, it will boost your energy, and fat burning. But don’t overdo it, I did a few years ago - I lost a lot, very fast. I had a 38 hours a week hard physical job, and drank about 2 energy drinks a day containing Taurine like Red Bull. It did help me lose weight fast, but also stated, it is also bad for your health if you continue to use it. It also says on the can; For short periods of intense activity.

Answer #16

There is one small study in Japan showing that Taurine causes weight loss in humans. It is the Taurine in Red Bull that causes weight loss. I’ve lost 14 pounds in the last 5 months taking Taurine. I’ve never had a Red Bull though. If you want to find out why Taurine causes weight loss, read on.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on Taurine and Glutamate (both are neurotransmitters and have other functions in the body as well.) My research initially started with autism, where frequently the glutamate pathway is on overdrive and the Taurine pathway is lacking. In the nervous system Glutamate is excitatory sometimes to the point of excitotocity (destruction of the brain cells). Taurine’s effect in the nervous system is calming and can be protective against excitotoxicity.

When it comes to signaling the body it is safe to say that in many cases Glutamate and Taurine are opposites. Besides the small human study where people lost weight while taking Taurine, there are also studies that show people have higher BMIs when ingesting Glutamates (like MSG).

I believe that Taurine and Glutamate signal the hypothalmus when you ingest them. The hypothalmus is responsible for body temperature and for feeding behaviors. As I said I have been taking Taurine supplements for the last 5 months. I have also quit eating processed food in order to reduce my glutamate intake. I prepare all my own food. My food does contain plenty of sugar and fat though, so it is not through low calories that the weight loss is occurring. I believe it is the Taurine signaling my hypothalmus to have a faster metabolism and to have less hunger. My basal body temperature was quite low (abnormally low) before taking Taurine, now it is higher. I believe that is the proof of Taurine speeding my metabolism. I also definitely feel less hungry in the last 5 months since I started this. Food processors put Glutamates in the processed food to make them taste better and to make people more hungry so they will buy more.

I believe that Glutamate and Taurine are some external switches to control your metabolism and appetite, and Taurine can be a great help to people like me who had been suffering because of abnormally slow metabolisms and abnormally high hunger levels.

Taurine also has helped my daughter with her autism. Her anxiety is so much less taking Taurine. It does calm her nervous system. I believe Taurine is a healthy way to lose weight. Search on it. You will find some really good stuff. The Japanese credit it with their longevity. You shouldn’t ingest more than 3 grams per day though.

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