I want reason of his silence pls help??

dear mam, i request u to kindly give me some solution for my love problem...by reading my story. I met one guy last year in network coaching class he used to talk very sweetly in whole class with me we became friends he asked me i have so many numbers which one i give u..?? he was very happy then after that i proposed him he didn't said anything to me around 4 months and was behaving sweet and normal freind.. he used to call me and chat with me also ..then one of his freind told me different things about him he have 3gfs , he is getting married and love marriage not allowed in his family so his freind told me to just go and tell him truth that i like him.. and when i told him these different things that Ur freind is telling this to me and i again said i really love u from my pure heart...he reject me and in big anger he told me he have girlfriend and hes committed...and told me y u discuss for me with everyone that u like me...but i said i haven't discussed anything Ur freind told me himself... then i said i m really very sorry..for whatever i told u...and he said i have no problem in becoming normal friends why u think so negative that i don't like anything ..then when i said lie to him that i am not serious for u ..forgot everything whatever i told u...for his happiness i totally started ignoring him and stopped all calls and message to him ..because i was so scared... i don't loose my freind also.... then when i started talking to other guys he said this to me..."Don't think u r over smart all boys are mad who talk to you.."" then after saying this he became completely silent for 7months we both ignoring each other... he didn't told me even the reason ... and he didn't wished my birthday also as a normal freind ... this time... when i accepted we r just friends then why he silent from next day his behavior is changed completely silent....this question i wanna ask you mam... and after 7mnths i met one guy on fake id on yahoo chat he asked me directly do u have this cell phone?? i asked how u know ?? he said i am magician i got to know it is written on Ur picture when u shared... but i asked everybody my other friends they all said nothing is written there on Ur picture about cell name ...and i have a big doubt hes same guy because i only showed my cell last year in class to him... and nobody knows about my cell phone ...name.. so mam this is my 2nd question i m very confused hes not ready to admit hes same guy......... and silent on real id not behaving as normal friend also??? please can u help me give some idea and solution...

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I think what you need to do is walk away from this "friendship". Neither of you are honest with the other and it is doing nothing more than causing you unnecessary drama. Break the connection and find a new friend to bond with.

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Ya I agree with Colleen, there is no point in continuing this friendship and you also need to come out of this guy, if you started ignoring each other how come you are keeping tabs abt his behavior with you?

Let go of this be mature and go out, be with friends enjoy the life !!

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