What's the real reason most guys won't fight back against a girl?

I seriously don’t understand that, I mean if I were a guy and a girl tried to beat my arse, of course I’d fight back; but a lot of guys I know won’t even hit me back if I break their jaw, and I’ve done that before.

Answer #1

They can get in serious s*it.

Answer #2

Most guys won’t hit a girl bc if they do they’ll be known a douche or something. They don’t want there rep to go down just for that plus it seems wrong to hit a girl in today’s society. Like when snooki got punched yeah what happened to the guy sent out and was never seen again.

Answer #3

Because boys have stronger force than girls, even if they dont intend to. Girls tend to be more sensitive too. However, i believe that a girl has the right to hit a guy and a guy has a right to defend himself. Sure we girls lash out, and we may hit a boy but thats all we see it as. When a boy lays a finger on a girl, its abuse. It wont do a guy no good if he is known as abusive for defending himself or because he was brought up to believe that if someone hits you, you must hit back.Thats not judged fair. Both is entirely wrong. Any sort of abuse is a total no unless its self defence.

Answer #4

he got sent to jail

Answer #5

Well here’s what my mom basically told me growing up, plain and simple. “Never hit a girl but if a girl is attacking you to really hurt you then hit her one good time.” Basically what she meant was never hit a girl for any reason unless you feel that she has the intent to really hurt you, and if so punch her once in the jaw, and knock her out cold. Why? Because guys are naturally stronger then girls, genetics and all (not true in all cases but about 90% of the time). And most females tend to be a lot more passive then guys, guys tend to be the rough housers and generally the ones to hurt themselves. Females are usually smarter then that because they think things through. Guys don’t think for the most part they just do, and because of all of that guys generally are a bit tougher then girls. And basically all that being said for a guy to beat up a girl/hit a girl, especially if the girl is noticeably weaker is just wrong. And hitting a lady in general is just messed up if you ask me, that’s how I was raised and from what I’ve seen and can tell is guys who do hit ladies are jerkoffs who are trying to take out their own insecurities on usually women they know can’t fight back, which like I said is messed up. But yeah if a girl ever tried to break my jaw I’d drop kick her in the f’ing face (but that’d be about the only exception to my rule in not hitting girls). And why exactly are you beating up dudes, because you know they won’t fight back? What’s wrong with you?

Answer #6

I woupd guess that because most of the time the girl is weaker than the guy so she caj get perty hurt and report and the guy can get is some touble. But its not always like that, I would guess a guy can fight a girl i he is using it in self defence, because there are times where the girl is the agressive one. Some people also don’t di it because is something related to religion and stuff.

Answer #7

It could be a sense of respect and manhood. That’s what I think.

Answer #8

they dont want to end up in jail

Answer #9

@cookielove i agree with you

Answer #10

That’s disgusting. Women are as capable of abuse as men are. My boyfriend had a girlfriend that hit him when she was angry, and she meant for it to hurt. She smashed mugs over his head, and threw things at him, but it’s not abuse, she was just “lashing out, and that’s all she saw it as,” so it was okay, right? No one should have the right to hit anyone, whether you have something dangling between your legs or not. He’s strong enough that he could have snapped her neck if he wanted, but he didn’t. Your answer is saying that it’s okay for a girl to hit a guy, but it’s not okay for a guy to hit a girl, and that’s preposterous. Sexist, double standard, whatever you want to call it, it’s ridiculous. It’s socially unacceptable for a man to hit a woman, because it has always been seen as important for men to take care of women, because, yes, we’ve always been seen as the weaker gender. A guy is still more likely to be seen as improper for hitting a girl than the other way around, but if either of them does any actual damage, regardless of who hits whom, they’re getting into some sort of trouble. Fighting back, in general, is idiotic if you’ve already gotten your jaw broken: the more you fight, the more you get hurt.

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Answer #12

Yes I know that, You must have misunderstood. I said we woman may lash out but all that people think is that we are angry and take it out using violence against guys. However if a guy was to defend himself and hit back, it would be seen as abusive. I am saying that this is UNFAIR. That it is not okay for a woman to hit a guy and it is not okay for a guy to hit a woman. I am not intending to be sexist at all. “ Sure we girls lash out, and we may hit a boy but thats all we see it as.” Im just stating how some dont see it as abuse.

“When a boy lays a finger on a girl, its abuse. It wont do a guy no good if he is known as abusive for defending himself or because he was brought up to believe that if someone hits you, you must hit back.” Now Im stating how its unfair that a guy gets called abusive if he defends himself or pushes this girl from him.

“Thats not judged fair. Both is entirely wrong. Any sort of abuse is a total no unless its self defence.” Sorry if I’m at fault, I must have misworded my opinion. I am against any violence.

Answer #13

Everyone here is pretty sexist. If a girl hits a guy, he can hit her back. Just because the girl is a “weaker gender”, it doesn’t mean one rule can apply for them and another for men. And I don’t like how some of you agree stereotype men as “rough housers”. This is completely Wrong. Women are campaigning for equal rights for everything. Therefore they can be treated the same. If a girl intends to hurt a guy, or just “lashes out” at a guy, then a guy can hurt a girl or “lash out”. You can’t argue with this, we can’t have one rule apply for men, and another for women. You want equality? Then be equal. I sickens me that women are so sexist towards men in every way possible, annd yet they are the ones complaining about not having the same rights yet. I’m sorry for generalising females above, I just can’t be bothered to say “a large majority” or “many females”.

To answer the question. Guys won’t fight back because the law and everyone else would see them as the bad guy even if it was only self-defence. So yeah, guys don’t fight back because they don’t want to go to prison and be shunned by friends.

Another reason is that quite a lot of me are actually quite nice, and they know that they have more physical strength because of their gender. Therefore they won’t attack they girl because they might hurt her. No all guys are intent on harming people. Girls “lash out”, so do guys. It can’t be helped.

Also, saying females are “passive” and “think more” is wrong. Men and women are equal in that sense. Yes, admittedly Men do sometimes fight instead of talk because its what some men are best at. However saying that women and “passive” and “think more” is suggesting that men are brutes and ruthless. Which isn’t true.

There seems to be a flaw in the society we live in today. With people thinking that Men are always the baddies and women are perfect. Though I’m not saying that is completely true. Men Do have flaws. The difference is, the law, press and public seem to pay more attention to the men’s flaws than the women’s flaws.

I would like to argue with myself for a bit longer, but I’m tired now.. Just think about what I’ve said. If you do think about it, then it means that this comment has some meaning and then I’ll be happy.

I’m a 16 year old boy. (Sorry if some of this doesn’t make much sense, and if I have any spelling or grammar mistakes)

Answer #14

No one should attack anyone unless you feel that you are going to get seriously hurt or killed. If in a fight it’s best to walk away unless you have no where to go

Answer #15

About 95% of guys agree to hitting a girl is wrong because they have respect for them and know very well it wont be the same as to fighting a guy. Not all guys are stronger than girls, but most are and can do serious damage to a girl. They know it would be taking advantage. Some would probably want to hit a girl, but ther are not stupid, because they know they can get arrested if they were to hit, even in self defense (some cases)… And the other 5% of guys are abusive and dont care.. or others because like they say ‘if they hit you, you hit back’ ..so they take it as self defense.. but if a girl was to hit you or another guy, i suggest walk away or call the cops on their a** .. its better than going to jail

Answer #16

Because we don’t know how to scratch

Answer #17

I actually believe it’s because guys are scared of girls! They know if they hurt her, she’ll get them back…back hard!

Answer #18

i do fight with my girl but she to do…. two days before i fought with my girl for not giving importance and time to me… this is 60th time i have broken up with her but she didnt even try to convi me or say anything or sorry….

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