Could a girl beat up a guy in a real fight?

 One of my cousins was fighting with her little brother. I tried to pull her off of him, and she turned on me. She got in my face and was like, "come on... let's fight." She had me backed up against a bed, and then totally made me look like a b*tch by pushing me down onto the bed and standing there like "come on, get up, are you afraid to fight a girl." I got up and she pushed me down again and kept egging me on "come on, get up, let's fight." I just kept saying I wouldn't fight her. She finally slapped me in the face and left me alone. We were both 15. I know sometimes younger kids get beaten up by girls, but I was surprised that a girl thought she could beat up a 15 yo guy.

a) How common is it for a girl to actually try to bully or intimidate a guy? b) Is it really possible that this girl could beat me up? c) Am I a wimp for feeling intimidated by this girl?

Answer #1

yes. I know some women who are bigger and stronger than a lot of guys out there.

Answer #2

Have you ever seen a girl actually beat the crap out of a guy?

Answer #3

oh i ddnt read the rest of your question. I dont think its as common but it is there. It is possible yes, but depends on the girl and the guy. Andno you arent a wimp. I mean this girl was right up in your face like that. If a girl came at you with a gun, are you a wimp for being scared just beacuase she’s a girl? And, one of my girl cousins beat up my guy cousin.

Answer #4

Yes because even though some girls are’nt strong it can sometimes be about techniques. Also some boys are’nt good fighters. SIMPLE!

Answer #5

yes they can, like we got this girl at school we call “Big Mary”.

Answer #6

Did you read the full story? Do you think this girl coulda beat me up?

Answer #7

ROFL. Big Mary xD

Answer #8

Would you make fun of a guy if you saw him back down from a girl like that? Would you consider dating a guy that you saw this happen to? (I guess I’m wondering if people think I’m a wimp now and are making fun of me)

Answer #9

lmoa wow

Answer #10

well its not common for a girl to do that but it is possible, but usualy when a girl wins the fight against a boy, its because A: she is fat or chunky, B a body bulider C: the guy wont hit her back and her punches are painful enough to make u cry or something. my mom beat up one of her ex boyfriends a super long time ago becuase he was mean, and he isnt very big he is the same size as my mom and she is 5ft 3 he might have been an inch taller if anything. and i have “beaten” .

Answer #11

Big Mary ever put a hurtin on a guy? (or are people just scared of her) Also, how is she big (fat/tall/muscley,etc?)

Answer #12

and i ddont really think your a whimp like its not really bad to be scared cuz nobody really wants to be hit i would be scared, i would fight back but i would still be afraid to get hit cuz it does hurt a little, even if the girl is small, a fist in your face isnt ment to be a comfortable feeling

Answer #13

Do you think I was a wimp for feeling intimidated by my cousin?

Answer #14

Do you think she really coulda beat me up if I had tried? She’s not a bodybuilder or “chunky,” but most people think she’s really tough (like one of the 5 toughest girls in our school).

Answer #15

don’t know for sure about her hitting guys but she big and tall and fat… and manly looking

Answer #16

Dang. I have a friend who is a girl but she can kick some a$$! Even if it’s a boy twice her size or a small normal guy. No you are not a wimp b/c some girls can fight-hard. It’s not as common for a girl to hit a guy but it’s more common for a guy to hit a guy or girl. I’m sure this girl could maybe whip your a$$ and hide your clothes. Some girls can fight like there is no tommarow and some girls can fight if they want and some girls(like me) can’t fight whatsoever. =/ Hope this helps! =) Good luck!

Answer #17

then if she is a tough girl, then yes i think she couldave beeten you up even if you are tough yourself girls can sometimes be tough to and i dont think your a whimp for being intimidated becuase getting hit isnt suppossed to feel good and im sure people dont want to be hit

Answer #18

lol mean…

Answer #19

What makes your friend so tough (like does she do martial arts, is she big, is she athletic, in a gang)? Also, have you ever seen her actually beat up a guy (or do you just assume she could?)

Answer #20

LOLZ! XD Well that’s maybe that’s how she got her name.

Answer #21

how should I handle it if she gets in my face again? I don’t want people to think I’m scared but I definitely don’t want to get beat up by a girl. Any ideas?

Answer #22

rofl in a gang?! haha

Answer #23

rofl in a gang?! haha

Answer #24

oops sry 4 the double post, i dont know y it did that

Answer #25

i would just punch her, but that might not be a good idea cuz u dont want to get in trouble by the police eighter. but u can push her off of u like give her shove so she isnt in ur face, and then throw somethhing at her to slow her down and keep her away from u. and then run away

Answer #26

actual mabey u shouldnt throw stuff at her but i think u should push her off and then run and hide somewhere

Answer #27

haha yeah, my freind hits so freakin hard, yet shes like 5”3 and is real small…she does some ju-jit-su stuff though, its crazy o_o

Answer #28

It can happen. You wont see girls beeting up guys most of the time but you now what, if the girl is set to taht she will not let that guy put a hand on her it will happen. But It also depends on the situation.

Answer #29

In a gang lolz that’s funny. No she’s not in a gang. I saw her beat up some biker for slapping her mom, NO LIE! She’s been in the juvenile detention center before but it wasn’t her fault. She kinda had an althetic body but she also has some curves. ;)

Answer #30


Answer #31

Why kind of a stupid question is that?! Of course a chick can beat up a dude!

Answer #32

i actually get offended when boy refuse to like FIGHT me or say they wont hit a girl. i actually have huge respect for guys who actually HIT me.

Answer #33

You actually think you could take a guy’s punch?

Answer #34

What are you basing this on? Have you ever seen it happen?

Answer #35

Did the guy fight back? Did she really hurt him? How did it end?

Answer #36

Lol, contrary to popular belief, not all girls are weak =/ you seem to think that a girl could never hurt a guy, that they’re all super feminine. Not true at all :P

Answer #37

Have you ever fought a guy?

Answer #38

Connor - i just noticed you’re a dude. never mind.

Answer #39

Do you think I should be worried in this case? This girl is one of prob the five toughest girls in our school. I am kinda avg - haven’t really been in a fight since maybe 4th grade.

Answer #40

Dude that sucks. I’ll be honest, I think I woulda been scared of that b*tch. I wouldn’t mess with any of the 5 toughest chicks at my school, and I’m kinda glad none of them have ever messed with me.

Answer #41


Answer #42

Connor, do you think you would be a little worried if a girl like my cousin got in your face like this?

Answer #43

=/ so you do have two accounts. 18 years old AND 28? Hmm.

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